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Rocket Seeds is an international seed bank with years of experience, and access to inventory from multiple sister companies. With breeders and growers worldwide, our knowledge is constantly expanding… and we love to share that information with our customers! We offer 24/7 customer care, both online as well as over the phone. By offering autoflower, feminized, CBD, and regular Cannabis seeds, we are able to service both new and veteran growers, and every skill set in between. Rocket Seeds stays actively involved with our local and global communities, and we can’t wait to grow with you! 

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Crop King Seeds

It starts with one seed! Crop King Seeds was established in 2005, in one apartment, by one person. And like our genetics, we have grown strong! With a steady focus on quality and strain selection, we have expanded through Canada and the United States and are now sold in 300 stores with 40 strains. (numbers may change to reflect current info, whoever is reading this plz update) Our expansion also includes an extensive network of breeders worldwide, allowing us to bring maximum yields to our customers. Reap the rewards of our harvest!

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Beaver Seeds

Beaver Seeds originated in Canada in 20__. Our mission since has been to deliver the most popular strains to growers worldwide-  we’ve done just that, and more. Our seed bank includes the most popular strains, and along the way we’ve become an extensive resource. Beaver Seeds understands the importance of environmentally friendly cultivation practices, and we love sharing those techniques with our growers. Planting seeds and planting knowledge go hand in hand so we can grow toward a more sustainable future.

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Blimburn Seeds

Blimburn Seeds carries regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds. We focus on quality, with a guarantee for your recreational and medicinal needs every time!

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Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds carries the top Cannabis seeds! We carry regular, feminized, and autoflower. With a wide range of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids for both indoor and outdoor cultivation needs, you don’t need to look further… start shopping now!

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Sunwest Genetics Seeds

At Sunwest Genetics Seeds, we pride ou*rselves on carrying the latest and greatest seeds for you! We have regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds. With high germination rates and top quality, we’re sure to meet your needs.

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Mary Jane’s Garden

Originating in Canada, our seed bank has served cultivators around the world for many years. Carrying a wide range of popular strains, we look forward to meeting your cultivation expectations.

Experience Rocket Seeds Quality

Offering a wide range of both Cannabis and Hemp seeds, our seed bank provides both quality and variety. Our Cannabis seeds include: regular, feminized, autoflower, and CBD, and we carry Hemp seeds as well. We are home to a variety of popular and classic strains. Our 24/ 7 customer care is available to happily assist with all of your cultivation questions. Shop online with us today and launch your garden with Rocket Seeds!

Feminized Seeds

We offer an extensive selection of feminized seeds. Feminized seeds produce female plants, without requiring male plants for pollination. This is perfect for beginners who are not familiar with sexing techniques, and saves time as well. 

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflower seeds produce plants that are not dependent on the natural light cycle of the sun, or the light cycle of an indoor growing environment, to flower. Independent of the light, autoflower plants can be planted all throughout the year. Reap the rewards of many harvests with Autoflower seeds!

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds produce plants that can grow to be male or female. Both male and female plants are used in breeding, while female plants produce flower with higher THC content.

CBD Seeds

Rocket Seeds carries seeds that produce CBD rich plants. CBD is known for its mood- boosting properties as well as for aiding with aches, discomfort, and inflammation. We are proud to carry seeds that produce plants with such amazing healing qualities. Be sure to fill your basket with these as well!

Fast Version Seeds

Carrying the Autoflower gene, Fast Version Seeds have a shorter flowering phase. Most strains finish 1-2 weeks earlier. If you’re in a time crunch, try Fast Version Seeds!


We only carry marijuana seeds for sale procured from the world’s top seed breeders. We enjoy helping our customers make the proper choices, whether they’re planning to grow their cannabis on a small or larger scale. We have high expectations in the seeds we make available to our customers, since we know they have even higher standards of quality in what seed options they select. Our goal is to be the one-stop-shop for all of your cannabis seed needs from our marijuana seed bank usa. If you’re new to cannabis, we also are happy to provide advice on which seeds and types of cannabis are trending in different parts of the world. We continue to have the highest expectations and are always on the lookout for new options for our customers seeking marijuana seeds online.

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