Regular Marijuana Seeds

Breeding new marijuana? Growing your supply of seeds? Then you need the best seed bank to buy your supplies. Rocket Seeds has the best quality regular seeds, all set to give you the best yields and good quality seeds. All seeds are packed inside sealed packages, so these will arrive safe and fresh to your destination. 

Rocket Seeds has a wide variety of regular weed seeds, and all have the highest germination rates. Simply follow their germination guide, and your seeds are good to grow the moment you sow. They ship all over the world; take advantage of their stealth delivery options. 

What Are Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that will grow photoperiod marijuana plants. These are plants that require a strict 12/12 light/dark lighting schedule to flower. You can grow regular plants indoors or outdoors as long as you can maintain this strict lighting ratio. 

All regular seeds are asexual during germination, and you will only find out the gender of your plants during the pre-flowering stage. Once your plants have successfully flowered, you may remove male plants to grow marijuana. But if you want to breed plants, grow seeds, then males must remain with female plants. 

Regular seeds are for growers who don’t mind the wait and the fuss over a strict lighting schedule. It’s for people who want to grow seeds and those who want to experiment with breeding new cannabis strains.

Why Buy Regular Seeds From Rocket Seeds?

Rocket Seeds is the seed bank company for the best quality regular seeds. You will take home fresh, ready to grow seeds at cheap prices. More and more growers and breeders choose Rocket Seeds because:

  • Select from our wide variety of regular seeds library.
  • Regular seeds come with high germination rates
  • You’ll get fresh and viable seeds all the time
  • Deliver seeds using safe and secure stealth delivery options
  • Delivers seeds all over the world
  • Rocket Seeds works hand in hand with popular seed banks in Canada and worldwide. 

How to Grow Good Quality Regular Cannabis Plants?

Start with regular cannabis seeds with the best genetics. Order only from a reputable and reliable seed bank like Rocket Seeds. And if you need help with germinating or growing your regulars, contact Rocket Seeds for professional growing advice.