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At Rocket Seeds, we have the largest collection of REGULAR marijuana seeds including the ones from Mary Janes Garden. We are partners with the TOP BREEDERS and POPULAR GROWERS to bring the best strains and the FRESHEST seeds to our customers.

We guarantee nothing but the most potent marijuana seeds. The regular seeds from Mary Janes Garden are perfect for breeding and for making high-quality cannabis seeds for your personal supply. Our germination rate is among the highest online, and we can assure you viable and potent seeds delivered straight to your doorstep. All our seeds are inside the breeder’s packaging to ensure freshness and potency.

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Why Are Regular Marijuana Seeds Better?

While most growers prefer to grow only female plants, regular cannabis plants are vital for breeders. People who want to grow new strains need female and male plants. Breeders make new strains because they want to create cannabis with particular qualities.

Most breeders want a strong strain with high THC to serve as a recreational weed. They select a high THC male and combine with a high THC female to create potent psychedelic strains. Breeders who need a therapeutic strain will usually combine a high CBD male and a high CBD female to produce a medicinal strain.

Aside from breeding, male plants are needed to make seeds. If you’re located in an area where it’s hard to buy cannabis seeds or growing weed is not regulated, then you need male plants to pollinate female plants.

How To Grow Regular Marijuana Plants?

Growing regular marijuana plants is very straightforward, but we recommend you study the growing requirements of the strain you wish to grow. For instance, some strains need more sunlight than other strains, while some require more water than others.

Growing starts with germinating your regular seeds. As a part of our high germination guarantee, we recommend that you follow our germination guide. This is a guide that will ensure that your seeds will sprout at the provided time and with higher germination rates. Our guide is found at the GERMINATION tab.

Once your seeds have sprouted, you may now place these in your desired growing medium. You may directly plant your seeds in the soil, peat cubes, or in the ground. If you want to grow your seeds in pots, use good quality organic soil. Use sandy-loamy soil as this type of soil will absorb water and nutrients better and will also drain any excess. This type of soil also aerates better, allowing oxygen to move through the soil and reach the roots.

Your regular plants will soon flower, and this will depend on every strain’s flowering time. Flowering is stimulated using a special flowering schedule, which will take 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Indoors, it’s easy to provide this kind of lighting schedule as all you need is to power off or power on your lamps. Outdoors, it’s a matter of covering your plants with tarps and screens.

The gender of regular plants will be revealed during the pre-flowering phase, with females growing white wispy pistils and males growing balls or sacs. These sacs contain pollen when ripe, which can pollinate females to make seeds.

Regular cannabis plants vary in size, shape, and flavors. These plants also differ in THC and CBD levels. Understanding the needs and qualities of each strain will help you grow your plants better.

Do you have any questions about regular seeds? Rocket Seeds is here to help!

Congratulations on your choice! Regular marijuana seeds are very interesting and rewarding to grow. If you have any questions about your order or about growing regular plants, let us know. We’ll be glad to help out.

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