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Medical marijuana can treat all kinds of ailments, including aches and pains, stress, anxiety, seizures, digestive problems, and the side effects of chemotherapy. This is why medical weed growers rely only on quality CBD seeds from Mary Janes Garden.

Mary Janes Garden has a wide variety of CBD seeds, all fresh, potent, and ready to grow. Because of their high germination rates, your cannabis seeds will be ready to sprout as soon as you sow them in soil. You can grow your medical supply indoors or outdoors, all good quality, potent medical weed.  

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What are CBD Seeds?

CBD seeds will grow into CBD-rich cannabis plants. CBD is the medicinal or therapeutic component of cannabis. Strains with high CBD have low THC, which means consuming this strain can help you deal with medical issues minus the all-time psychoactive high.

CBD seeds are medical seeds, but it does not mean THC has no therapeutic effects. THC is also useful for pain, especially chronic pains and also for depression, stress, and anxiety. Striking a balance with THC and CBD is also possible, and this helps users enjoy taking medical marijuana strains.

CBD seeds may be regular, feminized, autoflowering, fast version, or medical seeds and maybe cultivated indoors or outdoors.

Why Mary Janes Garden for CBD Seeds?

Mary Janes Garden is home to a wide variety of CBD seeds. This popular seed bank also places a lot of value on quality, and it shows with their products. Also, many consumers prefer Mary Janes Garden because of the following:

  • Choose from a large number of CBD strains available
  • Buy only fresh and potent strains with the highest germination rates
  • Your orders will be delivered no matter where you are around the world
  • You can use stealth delivery options
  • Take advantage of their free deliveries and free seeds.
  • Customer service will answer all your questions about your orders.                                                                                                              

What are the Best CBD Strains Available at Mary Janes Garden?

Here are some of the best CBD strains to check out when you order your supply at Mary Janes Garden Seeds. 

  • CBD Shiskaberry x Candida – it has powerful therapeutic qualities with the taste of rich fruits and ripe berries. 
  • CBD Mexican – it’s a CBD strain with short flowering times and very high yields for you to enjoy.
  • CBD Fruit – it is an indica-leaning strain with very high CBD at 25%! Enjoy exciting aromas and flavors as you relieve pain, stress, and anxiety. 
  • CBD Blueberry – you’ll be relaxed and uplifted with this high CBD strain. CBD levels can be as high as 16%!
  • CBD Black Domina – this strain is a combination of potent indicas, and thus it’s perfect for medical and recreational use.

How to Grow the Best CBD Cannabis Plants?

We recommend starting any growing activity with quality seeds. Buy your supply from a reputable seed bank company to ensure quality. Always check the strain’s growing information and always consider using organic products like fertilizer and supplements. 

If you have questions about CBD seeds, how to germinate or grow them, do not hesitate to contact Mary Janes Garden right away.