What are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds will grow into automatic plants. These are so-called because these will flower automatically without the use of a special 12/12 light/darkness schedule that’s needed by photoperiod or regular cannabis strains.

Autoflowering plants are also known to flower quicker compared to regular plants. You can expect your plants to bloom in just 7 to 9 days of growing.  Most autoflowering cannabis is small and compact and thus perfect for growing weed indoors or in stealth growing areas. Also, autoflowering cannabis is the favorite of first-time growers, as these are the easiest to grow.

Why Mary Janes Garden for Autoflowering Seeds?

Mary Janes Garden comes with so many automatic seeds. This company puts value on quality more than anything else. Many recommend Mary Janes Garden because of the following

  • Choose from a wide variety of autoflowering strains
  • Enjoy fresh and potent strains
  • They have high germination rates
  • You can order no matter where you are around the world
  • Stealth delivery options are ready
  • Buy more seeds to take advantage of free deliveries and free seeds.
  • 24/7 customer service standing by to take orders and ease questions

What are the Best Autoflowering Strains Available at Mary Janes Garden?

The following autoflowering strains are the best strains available at Mary Janes Garden website

  • Zkittlez Autoflower Seeds – it has high THC levels with a deliciously sweet smell and aroma. It flowers quickly and automatically and grows small for stealth growing areas. 
  • Yumbolt Autoflower – it is an indica-dominant strain with moderate THC. It grows small and yields well, and thus, it’s perfect for any secret growing tent or cabinet. 
  • Wedding Cake Autoflower Seeds – this is another indica-leaning strain that will help you deal with a super tiring day.  It flowers fast and grows small ideal for apartments and small living spaces.
  • Sweet Tooth Autoflower Seeds – enjoy that relaxing indica high and rich tropical flavors with this delicious strain. 
  • Sour Diesel Autoflower – love this sativa-dominant strain that will keep you energetic all day long. It also has that yummy citrus – sour flavor to enjoy.

How to Grow the Best Autoflowering Cannabis Plants?

It’s no secret that you need the best quality seeds to grow healthy and high-yielding cannabis plants. You must buy your seeds only from reputable seedbanks like Mary Janes Garden.

If you need questions answered right away about germination and growing cannabis, contact Mary Janes. Their operators will be more than happy to assist you.