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If you need medical cannabis and you need it now, then look no further than auto CBD seeds. The finest automatic CBD seeds are available all year round at Mary Janes Garden. Grow your plants with ease as this online seed bank delivers to your doorstep. 

Take advantage of Mary Janes Garden cool promos and discounts when you order more seeds. And because of this seed bank’s high germination rate, you can guarantee that every seed is going to grow quicker, healthy, and high-quality CBD seeds.

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What are Auto CBD Seeds?

Auto CBD seeds combine two amazing qualities of CBD plants: autoflowering characteristics and high CBD content. Let’s discuss each one.

Automatic plants flower early in just 7 to 9 weeks and will never need a special lighting schedule of 12/12 light/dark to flower, hence the name auto-flowering. Plants simply flower according to their maturity. Automatic plants harvest early but are smaller and more compact than their regular counterparts.

Meanwhile, CBD seeds are seed with very high therapeutic properties. These come with higher CBD than THC, and thus, people can take this weed to treat different ailments minus or with less psychoactive content. Auto CBD seeds are for people looking for medical strains that will bloom and harvest faster. 

Why Mary Janes Garden for Auto CBD Seeds?

Mary Janes Garden has a wide variety of automatic CBD seeds. It’s a seed bank that places high regard to quality than any other. Many consumers love to shop at Mary Janes Garden because of the following reasons

  • Has a wide variety of Automatic CBD seeds
  • Seeds are fresh and potent with high germination rates
  • Takes orders no matter where you are located.
  • Stealth delivery options available
  • When you buy more seeds, you’ll get free delivery and seeds.
  • Customer service reps are ready to help with your orders.  

What are the Best Auto CBD Strains Available at Mary Janes Garden?

The following auto CBD strains are currently available at Mary Janes Garden

  • Auto CBD Cheese – with CBD levels up to 12%, you can bet that this strain will help you deal with pain, anxiety, and stress. It’s a high-yielder and is very easy to grow.
  • Auto CBD Critical Mass – is a strain for all kinds of pain as well as MS, stress, anxiety, and Dravet’s syndrome.
  • Auto CBD Haze (1:1) – this has a high CBD and mild THC; you’ll be alert and euphoric at the same time.
  • Auto CBD Kush – this CBD strain has Kush genetics and can treat all kinds of pain as well as migraines, anxiety, and depression.
  • Auto CBD Ratio – this comes with a good combination of CBD and THC, so you’ll get relief from aches and pains while enjoying a mild high. 

How to Grow the Best Auto CBD Cannabis Plants?

To grow the best auto CBD plants, you must start with the best quality cannabis seeds, and only from top seed banks like Mary Janes Garden Seeds will give you the best growing results.

If you have questions about auto CBD seeds germination and growing your plants, do not hesitate to contact Mary Janes Garden Seeds. Their lines are open, ready to answer all your questions.