Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

When you want speed, and good quality marijuana seeds, then look no further than Rocket Seeds. This online seed bank will catapult your growing activities and help you grow delicious weed in no time. All seeds are fresh, potent, and will grow as soon as you sow.

You can order wherever you are. Take advantage of the different delivery options available. Seeds are sent to your destination safe and sound, no worries because of fast and safe stealth deliveries. You can now enjoy quick-growing seeds with Rocket Seeds.

What Are Fast Version Cannabis Seeds?

Fast version seeds are seeds that will grow into quick harvest cannabis plants. The secret? Fast flowering times. No need to wait for a decent harvest because your plants will have large and dense buds the moment they flower. All fast version seeds are regular seeds, which means these will grow with the use of a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule. 

Fast version seeds are perfect for impatient weed-growers, breeders who want to quickly find out the result of breeding activity and for people who want to grow more seeds, fast.

Why Buy Fast Version Seeds From Rocket Seeds?

Rocket Seeds is your seed bank for good quality fast-version seeds. It’s where you’ll get fresh, ready to grow seeds at the most affordable prices. Many growers and breeders choose Rocket Seeds because of the following reasons.

  • A large variety of fast-version seeds available.
  • All seeds have high germination rates
  • All seeds delivered fresh to your doorstep
  • Take advantage of stealth delivery options
  • Orders are guaranteed, worldwide delivery
  • Rocket Seeds is a partner of some of the best seed banks in Canada and the rest of the world. 

What are The Top Fast Version Strains from Rocket Seeds?

Check out the following top-notch fast version strains only from Rocket Seeds:

  • White Russian Fast Version Seeds – is a balanced hybrid with soothing pain relief, cerebral energy, and enhanced creativity.
  • Skunk x Rosetta Stone Fast Version Seeds – an all-around strain ideal for medical and recreational uses. It is a short plant that grows fast, ideal for stealth growing.
  • Skunk x Northern Lights Fast Version Seeds – a strain with a powerful euphoric buzz, faster-growing, and abundant yields.
  • Skunk x Cinderella99 Fast Version Seeds – is a powerful strain with a potent effect, fast-growing, ready to give you good yields.
  • Skunk Fast Version Seeds – a strain with faster flowering and harvest times, high THC levels to give you potent relief from pain.

How to Grow Good Quality Fast Version Cannabis Plants?

To grow the best quality fast version cannabis, start with the best seeds with good genetics. Order quality seeds only from reliable and experienced seed banks like Rocket Seeds. 

All fast-version seeds are versatile and will grow indoors or outdoors, but we recommend a comfortable indoor growing area to acclimate your plants or a greenhouse to protect from pests and to properly monitor their growth. And for any questions about germinating and growing fast version cannabis seeds, contact Rocket Seeds.