What Are Regular Seeds?

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that will grow into regular or photoperiod plants. These marijuana plants will flower only when these are exposed to a special lighting schedule: a 12-hour light and 12 – hour dark. You need to comply strictly with this schedule; otherwise, your plants will revert to the vegetative stage. 

Regular seeds are also either male or female. You will only be able to tell the genders of your plants during the pre-flowering stage. Unlike feminized seeds, when you can already tell you’re cultivating female plants, you need to wait to remove male plants.

Growers remove males from the lot to grow weed and allow males if they wish to cultivate seeds or to breed new plants.  

Why Crop King Seeds for Regular Seeds?

Crop King Seeds is best for regular seeds because of their strict dedication to quality. Seeds are packed carefully inside a special breeder’s packaging to preserve quality and freshness. Many prefer Crop King Seeds because of the following reasons:

  • The best variety of regular marijuana seeds 
  • High germination rates for all types of seeds
  • All seeds guaranteed fresh and ready to grow
  • Orders shipped all around the world
  • Stealth shipment for all orders available.
  • Buy seeds from their website or actual stores.
  • Customer service available 24/7 

What Are the Best Regular Strains from Crop King Seeds?

Crop King Seeds present the following best quality regular strains for your growing and breeding pleasure. 

  • Afghani Regular Seeds – an all-original landrace strain with a relaxing yet euphoric indica vibe.
  • Blueberry Regular Seeds – delicious, classy, will grow well in clone or seed form. 
  • Haze Xtreme Regular Seeds – turn your world upside down with this regular Haze’s extreme effects.
  • Original Skunk Regular Seeds – the comeback strain with a classic aroma and very potent effects. It’s the best highly-stable strain for cross-breeding.

Aside from regular seeds, Crop King Seeds also have feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds, high-CBD seeds, and medical seeds.  

How to Grow The Best Regular Cannabis Plants?

To grow the best regular cannabis plants, you need top quality, fresh and potent seeds. And for good seeds, trust only reliable and experienced seed banks like Crop King Seeds. Germinate your seeds using their helpful germination guidelines. 

If you’re new to growing regular strains, don’t worry. You can always contact Crop King Seeds to help you with germination and growing their products. Contact Crop King Seeds or visit any of their stores.