CBD Marijuana Seeds

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What Are CBD Seeds?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, the therapeutic component of marijuana. Strains with high CBD naturally have low THC, which is the psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD seeds will grow plants with high CBD content. This means that CBD plants will be highly therapeutic and will have little or absent psychoactive effects.

CBD plants vary in use depending on the genes of a strain. Some CBD cannabis plants are best for relaxing and thus are useful in conditions like stress and anxiety while some are stimulating and thus are ideal for people who need help for depression, pain, and fatigue.

CBD seeds can be regular, feminized, or automatic seeds. But no matter what type and strain, all are potent, therapeutic and will help people who need specific medical attention.

Why Use CBD Seeds?

CBD seeds are very much in demand, and all because more and more people are realizing and accepting the therapeutic effects of marijuana. No longer is marijuana identified as only a psychoactive drug but also a treatment, a solution to many types of ailments.

People use CBD seeds because:

  • CBD seeds are tested for their CBD and THC content; you can’t go wrong

Although all types and strains of cannabis have therapeutic content, using CBD seeds is considering the quality of your medical weed. Even before you start growing your plants, you already know what to expect.

  • CBD seeds are specifically bred for medicinal use

Breeders who produce CBD seeds select the best medicinal strains. These plants are grown in controlled environments to be able to produce the specific therapeutic trait or characteristic that they are looking for. In short, very special attention and care are placed in growing CBD seeds.

  • CBD seeds will save you time and effort

There’s no need to guess the best medicinal strain to grow. No need for costly trial and error. If you need medicinal weed fast, you don’t have time to look for a good strain. All you need to do is to pick from our wide variety of medicinal seeds.

How to Grow CBD Plants?

Although growing cannabis plants is very straightforward, you may need to add a few things when growing CBD strains. For instance, instead of growing your plants outdoors or in a greenhouse, indoor growing is necessary.

Indoor growing will avoid weather and climate troubles and pests, and it is easy to keep your growing area clean and sterile. You can use soil as a growing medium, but we prefer a hydroponic set up so you can better control the nutrients that your plants need.

Growing CBD plants require a consistent temperature, humidity, and pH levels of your hydroponic medium. Correct any problems early on, and never overlook any sign from your plants. Leaf color changes, slow growth, and smell coming from the roots are just some of the signs that you should watch out for when growing in hydro.

CBD growers need to be very particular about cleanliness and maintaining a sterile growing environment when cultivating CBD plants. Similar to a pharmaceutical company or research facility, a safe, sterile, and quality growing environment is needed. You must use a surgical mask, hair nets or caps, a lab coat, and gloves when caring for your delicate CBD cannabis plants.

Is there a special technique to grow high CBD strains?

High CBD plants require the very best techniques to grow and produce the best yields. Remember the following

  • Use only high-quality organic fertilizers

To grow the best CBD plants, use good quality fertilizer. The product must be organic, suitable for your plant’s growing phase, and should have complete instructions for use. Avoid time-release products as these will only do more harm than good to your plants. And if you’re growing in hydro, check if the fertilizer or supplement you want to use is ideal for hydro growing. Consider that some products are only for hydro use and not for soil growing mediums.

  • Provide the best high-intensity lighting for better bud growth

There are several lamps to use, but we recommend high-quality, high-intensity lamps like CFL and HPS. These lamps must be able to penetrate through the plant from all angles; it may be necessary to use more lamps to cover the number of plants you have.

Consider the temperature of your growing area when using high-intensity lamps. Improve air circulation and measure indoor temperatures frequently and make the necessary corrections.

  • Start with the best CBD strains

You must start by sowing the best strains with the highest CBD. Do your research and compare strains. If you have questions about the right strain, ask us. We’re available for CBD seeds, and CBD strains advice anytime.

  • Monitor growing area temperature, humidity, etc. regularly

Measure, measure, measure. You must have accurate readings of your growing room temperature, humidity, and pH of your growing medium. Use digital measuring devices for accurate measurements.

  • Automatic growing with hydroponics?

A lot of growers will recommend hydroponics for medical cannabis because it’s time-saving and is easy to do. However, it may take time to set up and to get the gist of maintaining your plants. Don’t despair, once you get the hand of growing in hydro; it will be a lot easier to manage.

Have questions? We’re here to help!

Is this your first time to grow CBD seeds? We’re here to answer all your questions. You can count on us for germination, hydroponics, and all other questions about improving your CBD yields. Our online reps are just a chat away.