Narkosis Feminized Seeds

Narkosis Feminized Seeds


Get ready for a truly satisfying stoney high with Narkosis. Living up to its name, this strain is basically going to get you high to the point that you’re stoned so be ready. You won’t be able to resist this tempting relaxing strain; truly a wonderful recreational as well as therapeutic strain to try.
Blimburn Seeds gives you Narkosis. An intoxicating hybrid strain that has a unique effect. It will initially give you a slightly relaxed effect that seems to miss its full potential but wait till after 10 or 15 minutes after consumption. You will soon feel that you‘ve lost your body and your mind as you surrender to a dominating stoned effect.
Growing Narkosis is easy and rewarding. This is so for as long as you provide your plants the right growing environment and needs. Narkosis can be grown indoors or outdoors with quick flowering times. It will provide moderate to heavy yields and will grow into medium-sized plants. It has recreational as well as medicinal effects perfect for the treatment of pain, nausea, and insomnia. Seeds available only at Blimburn Seeds.

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Narkosis is a cannabis strain with an indica-leaning lineage. This strain is exceptionally relaxing which is why it is mostly used for relieving insomnia, stress, and pain. It produces light nugs but with above-average trichome amounts. The smell is so fruity similar to ripe strawberries and tropical fruit. It offers a potent relaxing effect but not enough to trigger a couch locked effect. Still the effects are potent enough to medicate you thoroughly.
Growing this strain is something you should consider even if you are new to growing cannabis. Narkosis is easy to grow and will flower in just 8 to 9 weeks after spending just a month vegetating. When grown in spring, your Narkosis plants will be ready by the end of September. You can grow this indoors or out but growers recommend growing indoors and in the soil for the best result.

Origin of Narkosis

Narkosis was made by combining a Critical Mass and a Somango strain. The Critical Mass in this strain is a female and was used because of its potency and good yields. Meanwhile, the Somango is a male that brings about the rich and fruity flavor and potency.
The result of this union is Narkosis which has taken to Critical Mass its very powerful effects and improved yields. It has also inherited from Somango its delicious array of flavors that help enhance this strain’s relaxing, euphoric and mind and body effects.

Effects of Narkosis

Narkosis’ effects were described as “slightly creeping” according to The buzz will slowly creep up to you and just when you think that the dose you took was not enough, the major effects will set in. You will be caught off guard, you soon be incredibly stoned which is something that some medical cannabis users are looking for.
Some people who take moderate doses of Narkosis also experience hunger pangs which are common before the body surrenders to sleep. This hunger is not easily satiated by eating a piece of fruit or a cookie. You will find yourself binging on pizza, soda, chocolates and all the possible contents of your refrigerator. So it’s best to stock up on food before you even indulge in Narkosis.
But despite its overwhelming relaxing effects, this hybrid indica strain will not give you a couch locked effect. It will still keep you medicated but at the same time feel its fantastic potent effects.
But you can’t talk about the amazing effects of Narkosis without mentioning its negative effects. This strain can cause dry mouth and dry eyes which are two very common side effects of cannabis use. These effects are due to Narkosis’ moderately high THC effects. THC is a cannabinoid that can cause an increase in blood flow in the body even in the small blood vessels of the eyes and mouth.
Narkosis can also cause dizziness, anxiety and slight paranoia. These effects are very prominent if this is your first time to consume this strain. You may also experience these side effects after taking a very potent dose. Therefore, you must consume only half your prescribed dose to avoid any negative effects.

Medical Uses of Narkosis

Because of this strain’s overwhelming relaxing effect, this is used to treat insomnia and sleeplessness. Narkosis will set the stage; will keep you very relaxed from head to toe, until you give in to a deep and satisfying sleep. This strain is also perfect for the relief of stress and anxiety. It has very potent relaxing effects that will reduce negative thoughts and all the stressful feelings. You will be able to stop insomnia and deal with stress and anxiety without the need to use synthetic medications and drugs. These medications will only cause more harm than good.
You may also use Narkosis to deal with pain and inflammation. Instead of using pain medications and drugs that will only cause dependence, Narkosis will relieve inflammation and block pain including headaches, migraines, muscle pains, muscle strain, and chronic pain. You will be able to live pain-free with Narkosis’ long-lasting natural analgesic effects.
You can use Narkosis to deal with nausea and vomiting, two very common side effects in patients undergoing chemotherapy. These two side effects are so terrible that most patients often quit taking chemotherapy. With strains like Narkosis, they can continue with their treatment and focus on full recovery.
If you wish to use Narkosis for any medical condition mentioned above, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor will prescribe the right strain and dose that will work best with your medical condition.

Taste and Aroma of Narkosis

Narkosis has that wonderful fruity smell and aroma that are likened to the smell of fresh strawberries. There is also a tropical fruit taste that will remain in your mouth for a while until the effects of this strain start to wear off. You will soon be completely overpowered with these aromas until you succumb to Narkosis’ powerful stoniness effect.
The fruity and tropical aromas are more prominent if this is the first time you take Narkosis. It is also felt strongly when you take a potent dose of this strain. And because this strain is indica-dominant, be prepared for a growing room that is filled with an overpowering potent smell.
This is mostly true especially when you are growing your Narkosis plants indoors. So as a responsible grower, you must do all you can to remove this very potent smell. Use fans to remove stale and smelly air from your growing area. You can also use carbon filters which can significantly reduce smells. A pan of charcoal will also help; place this in the corner of your growing room.

Growing Narkosis

Narkosis grows well indoors or outdoors. This is an indica-dominant plant so you can grow a few of these plants indoors without attracting so much attention. Because of this plant’s size, you can grow stealthily and you can also train these easily. Just follow Narkosis’ growing needs and you will have fast-growing plants with good yields.
Dealing with mold, mildew, and pests. Narkosis’s nugs are tight and are very dense. This makes it very vulnerable to mold and mildew attacks and from pests. You should improve air circulation inside your growing area to prevent mold and mildew growth. You can do so by using fans to remove stale air, by watering only when the soil is dry and by opening a window or a door at least after the plants have been watered.
Feeding your Narkosis plants. You should feed your plants the right fertilizer formula according to their growing stage. Remember that during the growing stage or vegetative stage, your plants need more nitrogen for growth. But during the flowering stage, it does not need more nitrogen because, at this time, it will cease growing.
During the flowering stage, your plants need more phosphorous and potassium, two minerals that are needed by plants to grow larger and healthier buds. Water your plants regularly but only when the soil is dry and high.

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    We’re loving it. I am so pleased with this strain. I have grown several of this and have gotten great results. Will be purchasing again when I need more.

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Breeder/Seed Bank Blimburn Seeds
Type indoor/outdoor
Growing easy to moderate
Indica/Sativa indica-dominant
Effect relaxing effect
THC moderate
THC% 18 percent
CBD unknown
CBN unknown
Country Spain
Yield 3.35 ounces per square feet
Genetics Critical and Somango