Mamba Negra Feminized Seeds

Mamba Negra Feminized Seeds


Let an overwhelming pleasurable and relaxing high take you to the moon and back with Mamba Negra. This is a fantastic hybrid strain with a very potent relaxing effect that comes with an overpowering cerebral high. This is the high you have been waiting for as you feel as if your head is in the clouds. There will surely be nothing like the potent Mamba Negra, created by Blimburn Seeds.

Mamba Negra was created to give a big bite while maintaining a smooth and satisfying high. This strain is from the union of two very powerful strains Skunk and Critical Mass. And because of this amazing lineage, Mamba Negra comes with very potent effects. Something that a seasoned consumer would surely love to experience.

For the cannabis grower, cultivating a Mamba Negra is an honor. This rain, get ready to grow compact and aromatic buds. Mamba Negra is an outdoors strain with quick flowering times. This plant grows taller and wider than other indica-dominant strains and will give you potent yields despite being easy to moderate to grow.

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Mamba Negra is an indica-dominant strain created by Blimburn Seeds. This strain has easily identifiable characteristics and appearance in such a way that you will be able to easily tell a Mamba Negra plant from other indica strains.

This strain will grow taller compared to other indica strains. It will grow very compact and dense buds that you won’t be able to crush a bud in your hand. Tear a bud up or just open it and you will immediately smell that awesome aromatic smell that’s perfect for evening use.

The plant will grow indoors or outdoors but most choose to cultivate this strain outdoors to allow your plants to veg out and grow vertically and horizontally.
Mamba Negra has outstanding physical effects that are coupled with a fantastic cerebral high. Blimburn Seeds has cultivated this amazing strain by crossing a Critical Mass and a Skunk, two very potent marijuana strains indeed.

Origin of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra was created by Blimburn Seeds. The popular breeder from Spain has combined very potent strains like the Skunk and a Critical Mass. Mamba Negra has inherited its awesome characteristics impressive appearance from its indica parent while its cerebral high from its sativa influence. Mamba Negra is the result of tireless efforts of the breeder and no doubt that the end result is worth enjoying as a recreational and therapeutic strain.

Blimburn Seeds is from Mataro, Barcelona, Spain. This is where Mamba Negra came from. This seed bank retails around the world from Austria, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and France to name a few and this is where you can purchase top quality Mamba Negra seeds.

Effects of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra has amazing recreational effects. This is because of its vibrant indica lineage. When you consume this moderately, you will start with a potent fast-acting relaxing effect. You will instantly become hooked and soon you will be surrendering to a relaxed state, ready for sleep.

After the relaxing effect, you will experience a powerful cerebral high that will make you feel uplifted, happy and totally positive. However, these will soon come to an end as Mamba Negra will start to wear off.

Taking a very potent dose can be very challenging for a beginner. It is possible to suffer from couchlock when you take this strain without considering its strong effects.
There are natural and medicinal effects of Mamba Negra and there are negative effects as well. Keep in mind that using this strain can cause moderate dry eyes and dry mouth. These negative effects are usually due to the presence of moderate amounts of THC.

THC is a cannabinoid compound in cannabis that can increase blood flow to the various parts of the body. This causes dry and red eyes and dry mouth plus other overwhelming effects. You may also encounter dizziness, anxiety, and headaches that may be reduced by taking a moderate dose of Mamba Negra.

Medical Uses of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra is a strain used to relieve different medical conditions. Its moderate amounts of THC at 19% make this an efficient therapeutic strain that comes with very only minimal psychoactive effects.

This strain can be used to relieve stress and depression. Its relaxing effects will make you forget about stress, negative thoughts and worries even just for a short while. It comes with overwhelming relaxing effects making this a good strain to deal with insomnia and sleeplessness. You can sleep easy when you take this strain during the evening.

Mamba Negra can be used for pain. It is fast-acting, very potent analgesic effects that will be able to block all kinds of pain such as headaches, muscle pains, migraines, and chronic pains. There is no need to take synthetic pain-relief medications or drugs when you can enjoy natural pain relief with Mamba Negra.

This strain is also useful for nausea and vomiting. Patients who are undergoing chemotherapy use strains like the Mamba Negra to reduce the many side effects of this treatment. Nausea and vomiting are just some of the negative effects of chemotherapy that this strain can reduce.

If you wish to use this strain for its medicinal effects, exercise caution. You might experience a couchlock effect when you take a potent dose of Mamba Negra. This should be taken moderately to avoid these very strong effects.

Taste and Aroma of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra has potent tastes and aromas owing to its colorful lineage. You will probably notice its very potent fruity smell from its lovely and aromatic buds. The aroma will linger in your mouth and nose for as long as the effects of this strain are in control.

As with most cannabis plants with potent smells and aromas, Mamba Negra could develop a very strong smell when these are grown together under one growing area. The smell could be so strong that this could be enough to give away the location of your growing space.

You need to take care of this potent smell and remove it as soon as possible. Using a carbon filter is a cheap way to remove smelly and stale air. This is an efficient way to remove smell plus will also purify the air. Another way is to use fans to remove smelly air and to take in fresh and cool air from the outside. You need to do these especially when you are growing Mamba Negra indoors.

Growing Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra may be grown indoors or but it is best to grow this indoors especially during your plant’s early days. Indoor growing will allow you to monitor your plants’ progress. The Mamba Negro strain grows fast at 56 to 70 days. It will grow large and dense buds and will give you good yields as long as you provide its needs.

Feeding your Mamba Negro plants. Your Mamba Negra plants need frequent feedings by the time these are in their flowering stages. You must use fertilizer mixes that are appropriate for your plants’ growth stage. During the seedling phase, these will utilize nutrients found in their growing medium like the peat cube, growing cube or soil and won’t need additional nutrients.
During the growing or vegetative phase, these need fertilizer mixes that are low in nitrogen and high in potassium and phosphorous. Your plants need K and P because these are important in creating stronger, denser and healthier buds and will also improve yields.

Training your Mamba Negra plants. Training Mamba Negra plants are necessary so that you can boost yields. There are many techniques to use like the SCROG or the screen of green method. This technique will keep plants growing evenly so that buds will receive equal amounts of light. You may also use a small fan at the bottom of the canopy which will blow a soft breeze which will strengthen the stems and branches of the plants as these grow.

Breeder/Seed Bank Blimburn Seeds
Type indoor/outdoor
Growing easy to moderate
Flowering Time 70 to 80 days
Indica/Sativa sativa
Effect intense cerebral high
THC moderate
THC% 19 percent
CBD unknown
CBN unknown
Country Spain
Yield 1.69 ounces per square feet
Genetics Critical Mass and Skunk

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