Mamba Negra Autoflower Seeds

Mamba Negra Autoflower Seeds


It’s time to dive into the sweet pool of relaxation with the indica-dominant Mamba Negra. This hybrid strain has a very relaxing effect coupled with a fantastic cerebral high. You will feel as if your head is in the clouds as you slowly start to lose control. These effects are expected from a strain with a dominating indica strain like the potent Mamba Negra
Blimburn Seeds has created Mamba Negra to be fierce but at the same time smooth and satisfying. This strain was made from two very potent champion strains; strains that have given Mamba Negra its amazing potency and fantastic effects. To anyone who wishes to grow this strain, get ready to grow compact and aromatic buds.

This is an outdoors strain with a quick flowering time. Mamba Negra grows taller than most indica-dominant strains and will provide you generous yields with easy to moderate care.

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Mamba Negra is an indica-dominant cannabis strain made by Blimburn Seeds. This strain is autoflowering therefore you can expect seeds that will flower fast in just 7 to 9 weeks. There is no need to subject your plants to a strict 12 hour light and 12-hour dark lighting schedule to stimulate flowering too. Your Mamba Negra autoflowering seeds will give you better yields for many years to come.

You can easily distinguish a Mamba Negra plant from other indica strains. It grows taller than most indicas with buds that are very compact. Hold a Mamba Negra bud in your hand and you can feel its tight structure. Hold one bud and press on it or tear it apart and you will immediately smell that magnificent aromatic smell that’s ideal for evening use.
Mamba Negra has dominating physical effects partnered with a fantastic cerebral high. Its breeder Blimburn Seeds has created this strain by crossing a Critical Mass and a Skunk strain.

Origin of Mamba Negra

Blimburn Seeds is the breeder responsible for creating Mamba Negra. This fierce strain was made by combining two potent strains like the Skunk and a Critical Mass. This indica-dominant strain has inherited its amazing characteristics and stunning appearance from its lovely indica parent and its sure-fire cerebral high from its sativa lineage.

The Mamba Negra Autoflowering strain was made by combining an original Mamba Negra strain with a Tangie Auto, a ruderalis strain. The product is a fantastic auto version which can flower fast at 7 to 9 weeks. This strain does not need any special lighting schedule. These plants will flower according to its schedule, its internal time clock. And with just the right growing environment and the right amount of nutrients, you will have Mamba Negra buds with good yields in no time.

Blimburn Seeds is a seed bank company based in Mataro, Barcelona, Spain. It retails around the world so you can purchase Mamba Negra Auto seeds from almost everywhere. You can buy these seeds from Austria, Canada, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, and France to name a few.

Effects of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra’s fine indica-dominant lineage has made it a fantastic recreational strain. You will start off with a potent relaxing effect which will come at you fast. You will instantly become hooked with that relaxed vibe which is why it’s perfect as a night time strain.

After the overpowering relaxed effect, you will soon experience that fantastic cerebral high. You will be able to feel uplifted, happy and very positive. But all these will soon come to an end as the effects of Mamba Negra also start to wear off. You will soon feel very relaxed and very sleepy.

As there are natural and medicinal effects of Mamba Negra, there are also some negative effects that you must keep in mind. First of all, this strain can cause moderate dry eyes and dry mouth. The main reason why these happen is the presence of moderate amounts of THC.

THC is a cannabinoid found in marijuana which can increase blood flow to the different parts of the body. This increase causes dry and red eyes, dry mouth and other negative effects of this strain. You may also encounter dizziness, anxiety, and headaches which may be reduced by taking only a moderate dose of this strain.

Medical Uses of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra is a therapeutic strain which can be used to relieve a variety of medical conditions. This contains moderate amounts of THC at 19% making it efficient as a medical strain with very minimal psychoactive effects.

You can use this to deal with stress and depression because of its relaxing effects. You can forget about stress, negative thoughts, and other troubles even for a short while when you take Mamba Negra. Because of its overwhelming relaxing effects, you will be able to use this strain to combat insomnia and sleeplessness. You will be able to sleep easy and soundly when you consume this strain nightly.

You may also use Mamba Negra Auto for pain. It has fast-acting, very potent analgesic effects which can stop all kinds of pain including headaches, muscle pains, migraines, and chronic pain. You won’t have to take synthetic pain-relief medications or drugs anymore now that you have a natural pain-relief treatment for all kinds of pain.

Be very careful when you use this strain. There is a tendency to feel couchlocked when you take a potent dose of Mamba Negra. This strain should be taken moderately to avoid these very strong effects.

Taste and Aroma of Mamba Negra

Mamba Negra has very potent tastes and aromas. The very first thing that you will notice or smell is a fruity scent coming from its aromatic buds. This delicious strain tastes and feels very potent. You will be able to savor the taste and the smell of this strain as long as its effects are in your system.

A very important thing to consider is this strain creating a very potent smell. This smell could be too strong that this can accumulate inside your growing area. Now despite this being a natural thing for indica strains, it could be too overwhelming that people might discover your growing area if you are not careful.

Your goal is to remove this potent smell. You can use a carbon filter or fans to remove smelly and stale air. You need to do this especially if you are growing cannabis indoors or inside a greenhouse.

Growing Mamba Negra Auto

You can grow Mamba Negra Auto indoors or outdoors but it is best to cultivate this strain indoors so you can closely follow up or monitor its progress. Keep in mind that you will be growing an autoflowering strain so you have a few bonuses in store.

First of all, the Mamba Negro Auto strain grows faster at around 7 to 9 weeks. It grows larger and denser buds plus will have improved yields. Compared to regular plants that need a special lighting schedule, autoflowering strains simply flower when they are ready.

Feeding your Mamba Negro Auto plants. Your Mamba Negro Auto plants are very hungry plants and these need fertilizer mixes that are appropriate for their growth stage. During the plants’ seedling phase, your young plants won’t need additional nutrients because it will get nutrients from the soil or growing medium it is grown in.

By the time your plants are in their growing or vegetative phase, these need fertilizer mixes that are low in nitrogen and are high in potassium and phosphorous. These minerals are important in creating stronger, denser and healthier buds to improve yields.

Training your plants. To boost yields, you can train your Mamba Negra auto plants. Use the screen of a green method to keep plants growing evenly so that the buds will receive equal light. You may also add a small fan at the bottom of the canopy to strengthen the stems and branches of the plants.

Breeder/Seed Bank Blimburn Seeds
Type indoor/outdoor
Growing easy to moderate
Flowering Time 70 to 80 days
Indica/Sativa ruderalis
Effect intense and powerful high
THC moderate
THC% 8 to 18 percent
CBD 6 percent
CBN unknown
Country Spain
Yield 50 to 120 grams per plant indoors
Genetics Mamba Negra x Tangie Auto

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  1. 5 out of 5

    These had an excellent germination rate I really enjoyed growing this strain.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Amazing strain! Mamba Negra is a medicinal strain which can be used to relieve a variety of medical conditions. It is amazing that the medical patients can use this to deal with stress and depression because of It’s relaxing effects.

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