Hash Plant Feminized Seeds

Hash Plant Feminized Seeds


Get ready to be electrified with the features of the Hash Plant Feminized strain! It is one strain that can give you hardcore effect. The instant vaporization offers a blissful and breathtakingly powerful body stone. Whether you are smoking this strain for recreational or medical marijuana purposes, you will definitely enjoy the long-lasting buzz hat it offers. If you are into hashish, you may also want to have this strain in stock. Why not grow these plants right in your own garden?

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Origin of Hash Plant Feminized

The Hash Plant Feminized strain is an indica dominant variety which well represents its legendary Afghani roots. As the feminized version of the Original Hash Plant strain, this variety starts to make a name of its own. This strain traces back its roots in Netherlands. It is considered as one of the most amazing varieties in the Crop King Seeds lineup, swooning users, stealing the hearts, especially of hash lovers out there. Among the features that make this strain one of a kind is its sticky resins, average THC level, which will allow you to enjoy an easy going and smooth high.

Effects of Hash Plant Feminized

The Hash Plant Feminized strain will allow you to plunge right into a heavy relaxing state. It is mostly recommended for nighttime use since you are guaranteed to enjoy falling asleep after smoking this strain. Its solid indica and drowsy effects will surely be hard to ignore. After resisting the sleepy high, you will then be able to indulge in its strength, introducing you to a mind and body high which also makes you feel fuzzy and warm as time passes by. This variety is all about establishing a cerebral experience which will allow you to experience a feeling of great bliss.

Medical Uses of Hash Plant Feminized

This strain is considered as a soothing plant which relaxes both your mental and physical state. This variety is a great option in managing different types of chronic pain, enabling patients who are suffering from joint aches, muscle pain, and inflamed arthritis to find relief. It is also known to minimize stress levels, especially for those who are struggling to control their chronic stress or those who feel overwhelmed. It is also perfect for those who have been battling with insomnia, as it induces a strong feeling of relaxation, making it easier for you to drift right into sleep. Overall, it allows marijuana patients to think positively while leaving that heavy high.

Taste and Aroma of Hash Plant Feminized

This variety offers an organically attractive flavor, with an earthy and creamy smoke which will make you enjoy its spiciness and sweetness at the same time. After exhalation, you will also notice its pungent aftertaste which is both herbal and woody. In terms of aroma, this Hash Plant produces a really dank smell. Its Kush lineage presents a hint of how sticky the buds are, with quite a strong and spicy scent that follows it around. As a result, you can feel your mouth watering without fail. As a Hash variety, you will definitely expect a Hashish combination that will delight your palate and senses.

Growing Hash Plant Feminized

This strain flowers in a short period of time, producing compact and resinous buds. It also gives off a hashish smell when it is cured. It is pleasurable to grow this plant because it is easy to trim and care, even considerably uncomplicated even for those who consider themselves as a newbie. If you want to get the best out of it, this variety is well recommended for hydroponic setup, but may also be cultivated in a warm and sunny Mediterranean outdoor climate. This means that the plants require a lot of light and sun in order to flourish.

Breeder/Seed Bank CropKingSeeds
Type Indoor
Growing Easy to Moderate
Ernst Handel Roland Mendel
Island Trading Helen Bennett
Laughing Bacchus Winecellars Yoshi Tannamuri
Magazzini Alimentari Riuniti Giovanni Rovelli


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