Grizzly Purple Autoflower Seeds

Grizzly Purple Autoflower Seeds


The grizzly bear is a symbol of strength and the color purple is usually associated with royalty. Add them both together and you will be able to get a kind of sensation that hits you with the strength of a bear but also gives you a regal kind of buzz that is enjoyably luxurious both in feeling and in taste. Grizzly Purple Auto is a rare kind of delectable morsel that fills your mouth with a refreshing floral sweetness. In a sense, its strong relaxing effects will take you to a royal purple garden that is filled with the sweet aroma of flowers. That said, this regally appealing strain is not only a sight to behold of but also an experience worth savoring.

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Grizzly Purple Auto by Blimburn Seeds is a rare hybrid strain that has more pronounced indica effects. This indica-dominant bud is aesthetically pleasing to the senses because of its bright purple flowers and its sweet floral fragrance. Along with that, it has a long-lasting creeping body high that not only relaxes your entire physical state but also tends to take your mind into a euphoric state of pure bliss and happiness. On top of it all, this is an autoflowering variant. That means that it is easy to grow and will flower regardless of the amount of light and dark hours it receives. Because of those qualities, this strain is a great option for anyone looking for a plant that is easy to grow, a treat for the senses, and is potent enough to bring anyone to a happy state of relaxation.

Origin of Grizzly Purple Auto

While the standard Grizzly Purple strain is the result of the three-way combination of Kosher, G13, and Purple, this autoflowering variant has a slightly different genetic background. Because it has ruderalis qualities that make it an autoflowering strain, Grizzly Purple Auto is the result of the cross between Critical Auto and Purple Afghani. Critical Auto is a popular autoflowering strain that has indica, sativa, and ruderalis genetics. Meanwhile, Purple Afghani is closely related to the Afghani landraces that originated near the Hindu Kush mountain range and is known for its classic relaxing kind of high. The combination of those two strains resulted in a flower that possesses all of their good qualities.

Effects of Grizzly Purple Auto

Grizzly Purple Auto has a high that can be quite strong and potent even though it is an autoflowering strain. It gives you a feeling that relaxes the entire physical state to bring about a peaceful and calming kind of vibe. And because it is still a hybrid strain, its sativa qualities will hit your mind with a mellow but still noticeable euphoric buzz that takes your mood to its happy place. In short, this indica-dominant strain will leave you feeling happy, euphoric, uplifted, and relaxed all at the same time. And the best part is that this peaceful kind of sensation lasts for quite a long time and can even leave you high for up to two hours.

Medical Uses of Grizzly Purple Auto

This strain’s identity and genetics as a hybrid make it a viable bud to use for a lot of medical conditions. Grizzly Purple Auto’s indica qualities are great for treating physical ailments such as chronic body pain and stress. It can also be used as a way to treat muscle spasms. On top of that, it can really help treat symptoms of insomnia and sleep-deprivation with how it tends to bring about a lazy and drowsy state.

Meanwhile, its less-pronounced sativa qualities also have medical benefits. The most basic use of this strain’s sativa effects is to help treat depression and other mood-related disorders. It can also help to fend off stress.

Taste and Aroma of Grizzly Purple Auto

Grizzly Purple Auto really stands out as far as scent and flavor are concerned. The moment you break its buds, you are immediately greeted by a wave of an intensely strong and satisfying fragrance of fresh-cut flowers with an overpowering kind of sweetness. This scent also has hints of earthiness and citrus hiding underneath the dominant floral sweetness. Meanwhile, the taste is as good as its scent. It has a citrusy kind of flavor that goes well with the strong fruity and floral sweetness that made this strain so popular for cannabis lovers out there. Overall, it is simply a great feast for the nose and the tongue because of how pleasant and lovable its scent and aroma are.

Growing Grizzly Purple Auto Seeds

While the ordinary Grizzly Purple is a plant that can be moderately difficult to grow, this strain’s autoflowering capabilities make it a good choice for beginners. It is quite an easy strain to grow and does not tend to be a really big or tall plant because of its ruderalis genetics. Because of that, you can easily fit it into indoor environments. Speaking of indoors, this strain works best as an indoor plant if you have a system that can mimic the cool kind of weather that indicas are known to love. And because of its autoflowering qualities, you don’t have to monitor the light and dark hours it receives because it will automatically transition to the flowering stage. Expect this strain to be ready for harvest in about 70 to 80 days.

Breeder/Seed Bank Blimburn Seeds
Type indoor
Growing Easy to Moderate
Flowering Time 10 to 11 weeks
Indica/Sativa Indica-dominant
Effect Indica relaxing
THC Low to Moderate
THC% 9 to 11 percent
CBD unknown
CBN unknown
Country Barcelona, Spain
Yield 150 grams
Genetics Critical Auto x Purple Afghani

3 reviews for Grizzly Purple Autoflower Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    I would say that 90 to 95% of the seeds have germinated turned into awesome plants can’t wait to see the progress to harvest time.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I’m very impressed and loved watching them grow can’t wait for the coming months to see the purple flowers.

  3. 5 out of 5

    As far as scent and flavor are concerned Grizzly Purple Auto really stands out for me. It tastes good as it scents. It has qualities for medical benefits can help treat depression, and other mood-related disorders. This is my wonder strain.

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