Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

Great White Shark Feminized Seeds


The Great White Shark has a sativa lineage so expect to grow a moderate to moderately-high plant. This flower easy from 8 to 10 weeks and because this variety is feminized, you can easily grow this without dealing with finding out the gender of your plants. Great White Shark feminized seeds will let you grow an all-female harvest, no accidental pollination and no wasting of resources.

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Get ready to swim with the most vicious strain: the Great White Shark. This very potent strain will give you a strong indica buzz that will commence the moment you take the first exhale. It has the bite and the power of a great white shark when it comes to potency but it’s as tame as a puppy when it comes to its medicinal effects. Great White Shark can deal with severe pain, even chronic pain don’t stand a chance. A moderate amount is still a heavy hitter while a strong dose can knock you out.

For growers, Great White Shark feminized variety is a blessing. They can grow this easy flowering strain indoors or outdoors but many prefer to grow this delicately indoors. It comes with a juicy fruity aroma coming from its Super Skunk parent.

Great White Shark was so named because of the lovely blanket of crystals plus burnt orange to brown hairs coming out of its lovely buds. It is an award-winning strain too. It has received the top prize at the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.


The Great White Shark has a sativa lineage so expect to grow a moderate to moderately-high plant. This flower easy from 8 to 10 weeks and because this variety is feminized, you can easily grow this without dealing with finding out the gender of your plants. Great White Shark feminized seeds will let you grow an all-female harvest, no accidental pollination and no wasting of resources.

It is also known as Peacemaker which is quite the opposite of its vicious moniker. But no doubt that when you take the first exhale, you will understand why it has received such name. Because of its potent sativa lineage, this strain will make you feel relaxed to the point of sleep. This is not a good strain to consume if you are planning on completing tasks and projects because it can totally slow you down.

When it comes to medical effects, you can count on the Great White Shark to chomp out pain and inflammation. It can eat stress and depression for breakfast and it can also conquer poor appetite and nausea. This is for the no-nonsense consumer who is not afraid of a heavy-hitting strain. You can purchase top quality Great White Shark Feminized seeds from none other than Beaver Seeds.

Origin of Great White Shark Feminized

The reason why Great White Shark is so potent is that it came from three powerful strains. It was bred by combining a smooth indica Super Skunk, a satisfying sativa South American and a potent sativa South Indian. Obviously, Great White Shark has inherited its height and easy growing nature from its sativa parents. It’s strong earthy, woodsy and pungent flavor and aroma was derived from its indica lineage.

This strain is feminized which means you will only be receiving female seeds when you order. Naturally, cannabis seeds are regular seeds which means you can’t really tell if you are getting male or female seeds. You need to grow your plants, spend time, money and resources to grow more plants, just to discard male plants in the end. Using feminized seeds does away with this tedious task. Now you can confidently grow your all-female garden and devote everything to plants that you will need.

Effects of Great White Shark Feminized

Great White Shark’s effects range from being a subtle relaxing strain to a total hitter. It’s just a matter of moderation. At moderate doses, you will feel very happy, very relaxed and euphoric. The effects are very uplifting at this point and you can even work due to your sudden burst of energy and positive feeling. But as the effects start to wear off, you will feel the energy draining from your body to the point that all you want to do is sleep and eat.

Taking a potent dose can get you very sleepy. You might even knock yourself out especially when you are new to consuming this strain. You may also experience common side effects of cannabis use like dry mouth and dry eyes. These are usually due to the moderately high levels of THC in this strain.

Aside from experiencing dry mouth and eyes, you may also feel anxious, dizzy and suffering from headaches. You can reduce these side effects by taking only a moderate dose of Great White Shark. If you are new, practice moderation.

Medical Uses of Great White Shark Feminized

Great White Shark has a number of great medical effects. Patients can conquer stress and depression with this strain because of its very powerful mood-elevating effects. You don’t need anti-depressants or stress-relieving medications with this strain. You will feel happy and uplifted with newfound positive energy with this strain.

Great White Shark is very useful for pain due to its very potent analgesic effects. You can smash headaches, muscle pains, strains and migraines with this strain. It also works with people suffering from insomnia. Its natural relaxing effect is enough to give you blissful nights of sleep.

If you wish to use this strain for pain, stress, insomnia or depression then you must consult your doctor or a medical professional. Growing your own strain requires a medical card in some places so before you order your Great White Shark feminized seeds, check the local laws on how to grow medical cannabis.

Taste and Aroma of Great White Shark Feminized

Great White Shark has delectable flavors. It is earthy, woodsy and pungent at the same time. These flavors can become so strong that you can expect this to linger if you consumed a moderate to high dose. It will remain in your senses until the relaxing and sleepy effects of this strain are felt.

These very potent aromas are said to help Great White Shark conquer pain, stress, and depression. The strain has aromatic effects and these flavors help improve these effects.

It is also likely that a strain such as potent as Great White Shark will create an equally potent smell. If you are growing this strain indoors then expect an accumulation of a potent scent that can be smelled from a far. You must remove this stench especially if you are growing your Great Whites in secret or risk finding your secret garden!

There are ways to deal with potent cannabis smells. One is to use a carbon filter which can remove stale air and smells. Another way is to use fans which will remove smells and bring fresh and cool air inside your growing area. But if you are growing this strain outdoors, then you might not have to worry because the wind can carry the smell away.

Growing Great White Shark Feminized

Feminized seeds are very easy to grow compared to traditional or regular seeds because you don’t need to determine the gender of your plants. But when it comes to taking care of your Great White plants, regular and feminized are cared for the exact same way.

When grown indoors, let your plants grow in a space where it can stretch and veg out. But you don’t need to keep them growing too tall and too wide either. You can train your plants early. Use the screen of a green method to maintain the growth of your plants below your grow lights. This will ensure that all the colas and all the necessary plant parts receive equal lighting.

Your large and dense buds may also be susceptible to mold and mildew so make sure that your growing area maintains a low humidity. Do not water your plants until the soil is dry to reduce the possibility of molds and mildew. Use a hygrometer to determine daily readings. Use fans to dry soil well and to create a small breeze that will strengthen the stems and branches. Provide only nutrients or fertilizer mixes that are appropriate for your plants’ growing stages to prevent nutrient deficiencies and toxicities.

2 reviews for Great White Shark Feminized Seeds

  1. 5 out of 5

    My second-time order. Superb smell, taste, and impact. Medicinally very effective in pain therapy, growing like crazy, can’t wait to enjoy these once harvested.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Very happy with my order they were very quick with a response to my questions absolutely love these guys. super reliable, fast shipping and outstanding customer service. I am looking forward to trying out more of their strains.

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Breeder/Seed Bank: Beaver Seeds

Type: Indoor/outdoor

Growing: easy

Flowering Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Indica/Sativa: Sativa

Effect: Relaxing, uplifting

THC: high

THC%: 22.50%

CBD: 9%

CBN: 3%

Country: Canada

Yield: moderate to high

Genetics: Super Skunk, South American, and South Indian