Chemdawg #4 Feminized Seeds


Chemdawg #4 Feminized Seeds


Intense, Chemdawg#4 brings you up into the clouds when smoked. Power-packed and known for fast-acting pain relief, this weed strain is one of the most popular among the Chemdawg phenotypes. Indica-dominant, it has the sativa mind-expansion capacity. It brings about relaxation and inspiration at the same time. The high of this weed can skyrocket up to 26%. To cultivate this tall cannabis plant that reaches sativa height with buds that have the indica body buzz is harvesting the best of both types. To cultivate this weed strain is a great gardening experience as it will give high yields with the proper marijuana care. You’ll be amazed at the impressive crop you’ll get when you plant Chemdawg#4 feminized seeds by Blimburn seeds.

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This hybrid is a result of crossing the infamous Chemdog strain with Green Crack. Indica-dominant, it has the appearance of a sativa type especially when it comes to height. Fast-flowering, the amazing buds tower above most cannabis plants when it comes to intensity of effects and the high THC level. With a high yield, Chemdawg#4 marijuana buds are covered with sticky resin that glistens with crystalline trichromes. The beautiful light green buds with bright orange hairs grow in clusters near the stem. The yield of Chemdawg#4 by Blimburn seeds can be so heavy that the plant might need support by stalking or other methods.

Origin Of Chemdawg#4

This weed strain is a Chemdog#4 phenotype. This original Chemdog came from 4 seeds that a grower had. One seed was discarded while the other 3 were named as Chemdawg’s Sister, Chemdawg ’91, and Chemdawg B. The succeeding generations resulted in 2 more phenotypes which are Chemdawg #4 and Chemdawg D. Out of all these phenotypes, the one that emerged to be the most popular is Chemdawg #4. And, it is notably one of the parent plants of a few legendary weed strains such as OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Headband. Though the exact lineage of the 4 seeds is unknown, it is said that the roots can be traced back to Thai Sativa and Nepalese pot.

Effects Of Chemdawg#4

Taking this Chemdawg#4 weed by Blimburn seeds will bring about an intense cerebral high. It will be followed by a tingling sensation that starts from the top of the head to continue down for that classic numbing body-buzz. This pot is relaxing and can make a person feel happier as the stress and depression disappear into the haze. There is a euphoria that is uplifting as it clouds the mind to change the negative thoughts. It can bring about those light-hearted giggles and may trigger a laugh trip. The high THC level will be felt nearly immediately though the effects set in after a short period of around 15 minutes after it is smoked or vaped.

Medical Uses Of Chemdawg#4

This medical marijuana provides fast-acting pain relief for those who have chronic pain, joint pain, and other body aches. It works as a powerful analgesic. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is used the ones who have arthritis. It is an anti-spasmodic that can reduce and/or stop the muscle spasms for those who have epilepsy. Chemdawg#4 medical marijuana is a highly effective treatment and cure for certain mental health concerns. It gets rid of stress and provides that much-needed mind and body relaxation. It also is a highly effective anti-depressant. It can be used as an appetite stimulant and is an effective all-natural sleep aid.

Taste And Aroma Of Chemdawg#4

There is a distinct acid aroma to this weed strain. This weed has the pungent aroma of diesel that can fill a grow room. It has a sweetness to the overpowering odor that fuels with the strong aromatherapy of tangy citrus fruits. Include in the aroma profile has the wonderful scent of lovely evergreen pine. The flavor blend is that of wood and pine with an underlying earthiness. There are the defining flavors of sweet and tangy citrus fruits with the strong taste of lemon. The flavor blend is distinctive because it has the Diesel identifying taste that ties all the tastes together.

Growing Chemdawg#4

These seeds are feminized which means that what will grow are only female marijuana plants. Male cannabis plants bear no flowers, so feminized seeds eliminate the home cultivar’s tasks to identify, nurture, and remove those male plants. This cannabis plant is tall as it reaches an indoor height of 4 to 5 feet and towers when grown outdoors at 7 feet. These will flower in 55 to 60 days when grown indoors and from the 15th to the 30th of September when grown outdoors. The indoor harvest can be as large as 450 to 500 gram per square meter. This plant prefers warm climate conditions. It has some resistance to common plant diseases but care should be given to prevent powdery mildew. To grow this plant requires marijuana training techniques. This plant has to be pruned as the top leaves might cover the buds on the lower branches. It would greatly prosper when methods such as the Sea of Green is used.

Breeder/Seed Bank Blimburn Seeds
Type Indica dominant
Growing Moderate
Flowering Time 55 – 60 days indoors
Indica/Sativa 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
Effect Intense cerebral high
THC Moderately to High
THC% 18 – 26 percent
CBD 0.1 percent
CBN unknown
Country US
Yield 450 – 500 gr/m2
Genetics Chemdog x Green Crack

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    This is my first time growing outdoor can’t wait to see these beauties of buds are going to be really big.

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