Blue Fruit Autoflower Seeds

Blue Fruit Autoflower Seeds


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More About Blue Fruit Autoflower 

Lifting Blues Away

Blue Fruit Autoflower is an excellent choice for novice users and growers. The sweetness of its berry flavor is a pleasant surprise for its users, while the potent effects are enough for users to enjoy. Much like the dessert that you enjoy after dinner, users are bound to have an enjoyable time with this weed.

This strain offers a perfect company at night when you want to end the day on a relaxing note. With its stable Indica genes, relaxation is highly attainable with this strain, while the Sativa side uplifts the spirits that put a smile on the face. These recreational effects also make the weed a good medical marijuana strain.

If you want to grow this weed on your own, it is best to keep it in a controlled environment. However, do not be afraid to test it out as its Ruderalis genes make it a fast-flowering plant that needs no intensive amount of care to produce good amounts of yield.


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