5 Alive Feminized Seeds

5 Alive Feminized Seeds


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5-Star Strain Producing Excellent Yield

This strain is certain to arouse your sense and provide you an extra lift of imagination to your day as sugary and vivid as your glass of juice at morning meal. The dominant Sativa heredity will supply you with a commemorating boosted feeling of exaltation and then tenderly launch a body high that loosens and relaxes your entire muscles. Skilled farmers can have these plants amenable with pruning or screening techniques to optimize production. Since there is no natural mold-resistance, guarantee to monitor the moisture levels.

Assume the Sativa heredity to likewise manage the plants' composition– slender and tall with extended conical buds. Your entire nursery or grow-room will be carrying delightful aromas of lemon and natural skunk. However, the definite family of this strain is not well explained; the flavor and outcomes are slightly implicative of the Girl Scout Cookies heredity. The pickled buds are seldom still gluey with high resin concentration, therefore guarantee you possess a clean bong or pipe to appreciate the extensive spectrum of berry zest!

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Goodness! Extraordinary strain. You can get it at a less expensive cost not at all like in some other seed banks yet you get the best quality seeds. If it’s not too much trouble keep on giving us the best and top notch marijuana seeds.

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