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What Are Regular Seeds?

Regular cannabis seeds will grow regular or photoperiod plants. These plants can be male or female, and you won’t be able to know the gender of your plants unless these are at the pre-approval flowering stage. This is opposed to feminized cannabis seeds when you already know you’re growing female plants. 

Regular cannabis plants also need a special lighting schedule that involves using a 12-hour light and 12-hour darkness to flower. This lighting schedule should be strictly followed, or plants will revert to the vegetative stage.

Growers use regular seeds to grow more seeds and to breed new plants. Regular cannabis strains can be recreational or medicinal and may have high THC or high CBD. Most regular cannabis strains come with autoflowering and feminized counterparts, perfect for first-time growers.  


Why Buy Regular Cannabis Seeds From Beaver Seeds?

Beaver Seeds is one of the best seed banks for regular seeds. They have a large variety of seeds and are known for good quality products despite the low price. Many growers also consider Beaver Seeds for regular marijuana seeds because of the following reasons:

  • Wide variety of regular marijuana seeds available. 
  • High-quality seeds at the lowest prices.
  • You’ll get the best quality, fresh and viable seeds.
  • Seeds with the highest germination rates. 
  • Worldwide delivery is available.
  • Stealth delivery ready to go. 
  • Customer service always ready to help you out. 


How Do You Grow Good Quality Regular Cannabis Plants?

To be able to grow good quality, high- yielding cannabis plants, you need to start with the best seeds. Only with the best quality, fresh and viable seeds will you be able to cultivate healthy and productive plants.

And apart from using good seeds, consider growing your plants in healthy soil or in a properly set hydroponics setup. 

Apply correct fertilizers or supplements. We recommend using organic products.  Most fertilizers are made to be used for a specific growing period (grow and blooming periods). Make sure to consider these foremost to ensure that you’re applying correct products and correct amounts of fertilizer to your plants.

Properly monitor your growing area to support the growth and development of your plants. And if you need help with growing your plants or with germinating seeds, feel free to contact Beaver Seeds. Their helpful customer service reps are standing by to help you out.