What Are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow to all-female plants. Compared to regular seeds that will grow female or male plants, feminized seeds will guarantee no male plants.  

With feminized seeds, you won’t need to weed out male plants. Males can accidentally pollinate your female plants; you’ll end up growing seeds instead of weed! Feminized seeds will save you from growing plants that you will only discard later. You will save money, time, and effort, plus you’ll only have to grow the number of plants that you will need.  

Why Buy Feminized Seeds from Beaver Seeds?

Beaver Seeds offer the best quality feminized seeds money can buy. This Canadian seed bank will give you only the freshest seeds inside their original breeder’s packaging to ensure freshness the day you sow them. Many growers rely on Beaver Seeds for all their weed seed needs because of the following reasons:

  • All seeds are fresh and viable. These are ready to grow as soon as you sow. 
  • High quality and affordable cannabis seeds.
  • Seeds have high germination rates guaranteed. 
  • Orders accepted worldwide with stealth delivery available.
  • Customer service is always available.
  • With a variety of feminized seeds for you


What Are The Most Popular Feminized Strains from Beaver Seeds?

Are you looking for one of a kind top quality feminized seeds?   Beaver Seeds has the most popular feminized cannabis strains available for you

  • Chocolate Chunk Seeds – a pure indica strain that has a relaxing high that will calm you down. Perfect as a nighttime strain.
  • Great White Shark Feminized Seeds – this is a sativa that has a moderate height. It has a stimulating effect that will leave you happy and contented.
  • Sour Grape Seeds –a balanced hybrid that grows easy and will give you good yields all year long.
  • The Devil’s Crack Feminized Seeds – is a very productive strain that will give you an energetic high so you can perform better at home or work.

Aside from feminized cannabis seeds, you may also order regular, autoflowering, high CBD and high THC seeds from Beaver Seeds. 

How Do You Grow Good Quality Feminized Cannabis Plants?

It’s no secret that good quality plants are the product of high-quality seeds. This is why you must never settle for just any seed bank to buy fresh, good quality marijuana seeds. 

Follow germination guides closely and use healthy soil to grow your plants. If you must use fertilizers or supplements, use good quality, organic products. Always monitor your plants’ and check closely for pests and molds. Feminized cannabis can grow indoors and outdoors, but we recommend cultivating your plants indoors so you can properly grow your cannabis plants and get the best yields. 

Always consider expert help to grow your plants. If you have any questions about germinating or growing your feminized plants, feel free to contact Beaver Seeds. You may contact Beaver Seeds by phone, chat, email, or through their customer service form found on their website.