What Are Autoflowering Seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are seeds that will grow into automatic plants. These are cannabis plants that will flower faster in just 7 to 9 weeks, sometimes faster compared to regular marijuana that flowers 9 to 12 weeks. Autoflowers also flower on their own, no need to use special lighting schedules like regular plants. 

Regular plants are called photoperiod plants as these need a 12-hour light and 12-hour dark periods. Autoflowering plants will bloom as they mature. Also, most autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminized seeds, which means you’ll only grow female plants. No more males will only ruin your yields.  

Why Buy Autoflowering Seeds from Beaver Seeds?

Autoflowering seeds are one of the most expensive marijuana seeds, and thus it’s good to order seeds from a seed bank that can give you quality but affordable seeds. Here are more reasons to order your auto flower seeds from Beaver Seeds:

  • The best quality autoflowering seeds
  • Worldwide delivery guaranteed
  • Stealth delivery options available
  • High germination guarantee
  • Affordable autoflowering seeds

What are The Top Autoflowering Cannabis Strains from Beaver Seeds?

Beaver Seeds has the following autoflowering strains ready to order. Always prefer fresh and potent seeds by ordering only from quality seed banks like Beaver Seeds.

  • Blackberry Autoflower – a high-yielding sativa that offers mild relaxation that promises sensual pleasures.
  • Tangerine Dream Autoflower – a balanced indica-sativa citrusy strain used as a medicinal strain.
  • Cheese Autoflower – an indica-leaning strain with a delicious flavor and is easy to grow.
  • Fucking Incredible Autoflower – a pure indica that offers mild euphoria and potent medicinal qualities
  • Maui Wowie – an old-school cannabis strain that carries a moderate, easy, and energetic high.

Aside from these amazing autoflowering strains, you can also buy high quality regular, feminized, high CBD, high THC, and fast version seeds at Beaver Seeds. Check out what they have in store for you now! 

How to Grow Good Quality Autoflowering Cannabis?

Autoflowering cannabis is one of the easiest to grow. This type of cannabis is perfect for first-time growers because all you need to do is sow and watch your plants grow!  

But to cultivate good quality weed, start with top-quality seeds. Use the best soil and apply organic nutrients. Monitor your plants daily as well as the temperature, humidity, and air circulation inside the growing area.

If you have questions about growing autoflowering cannabis, contact Beaver Seeds. You can call, chat, or send an email to get expert answers.