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Growing Cannabis Plants with Seeds

Now, the option of growing a cannabis plant with seeds is apparently more trouble-free, assured strategy for the newly growers. This is the most complacent and the most doable approach to creating access to the cannabis plants. You can also choose cannabis seeds based on your desired size, flavor, flowering times, and effects. If you think that it is terrorizing to grow plants that came from seeds, then perhaps you can rest yourself now because it actually suggests less trouble compared to growing plants using culticlones. There are several seed banks available which propose products that are proven and tested. Seeds coming from seed banks are most likely efficient. Since you can maneuver the variety of your choice, it will be easier for you to determine the best cannabis strain for you. For sure you do not want to waste your time and money by purchasing products that are low in quality. It is also good to understand that there are three various types of seeds for cannabis plants, namely:
  1. Autoflower Seeds– These seeds are cultivated by mixing ruderalis with either Indica or Sativa. These seeds instantly start flowering with few numbers of weeks of fertilization without having to change the cycle of the light. Autoflower seeds are mostly suggested to beginners who have limitations on height and time.
  2. Feminized Seeds – These seeds are cultivated by mixing two female cannabis plants. One of them was strained to produce male pollen sacks. Since the feminized seeds do not have male chromosomes, they are likely always female. The feminized seeds are commonly recognized as more cost-efficient because anyone can anticipate for all the seeds to become female.
  3. Regular Seeds – These seeds are cultivated by mixing the male and female cannabis in order to generate offspring. Characteristically, these seeds will consist of male and female cannabis plants. This illustrates that approximately one-half of the total seeds you fertilized will have to be culled in order to distinguish the male plants from the female plants.
Another thing that can justify the significance of seeds over clone is that it is commonly what is common to the cannabis plant. Marijuana is known to be an annual plant, which means that its life can only extend up to one year. Marijuana is not equipped with the capability of being active for a longer period of time and it does not flower for a longer period. Thus, clones taken from mature mother plants may be getting old already and might yield minimal buds compared to seeds. Cannabis plants that are grown from seeds will possess a cordial structure of root. People who do not have any knowledge of gardening, the main part of the full root system of a plant are the taproot. The taproot penetrates deeply in the surrounding soil and ingests a huge quantity of nutrients. A clone plant is not capable of flouring a tap root, therefore, it can never be as solid and hearty as the plants grown from seeds. Advantages of Seeds:
  1. Pathogens – With seeds, you can have a clean beginning.  You are assured that there is no inheritance of risks such as diseases and pests.
  2. Endurance – Seeds produce more enduring plants since seeds have a taproot.
  3. Acquisition – Seeds are easier to get and easier to produce all by yourself. The seeds can be shipped in any part of the world and can be delivered right in your door.
Disadvantages of Seeds:
  1. Variable – Seeds are completely dissimilar. It simply means that if you purchase one bag of seeds, the unique gene expression will be present between the cannabis plants. Although this is a fun type of variety, it can also signify that there is no chance that you can ever grow similar plant again except if you use clones.
  2. Sexing – When growing with the regular seeds, it will be required that you figure out the sex of every plant and eradicate the male plants. The step of figuring out the sex can be tough. This will normally require a microscope and some practice to effectively determine the sex.
  3. Viable – Well, not all seeds are already mature or hearty enough to fertilize. Normally, hearty and fully enhanced seeds are color brown as contrary to yellow or white.
  4. Time – Growing with seeds will normally take longer as compared to clones, except if you use autoflowering seeds. The extensive period of the growing seeds is due to the procedure of figuring out the sex. Big thanks to the modern technology; this procedure can now be finished during the first two weeks of fertilization with a tissue specimen.
Yes, there was a point of time when clones were famous and well acknowledged. However, growers had concerns on the odd characteristics of their plants have brought them back to the technique of seed growing. By understanding the differences between seeds and clones in growing a cannabis plant, it will be easier for you now to come up with a decision of which side you will go. At least, you now have a better picture of what these methods are after comprehending the best and also the worst facts of each growing strategy. Whether you plan to plant indoor or outdoor, either seeds or clones can be used in growing the cannabis plants. You can also solicit advice and tips from your fellow growers if you want to be certain with your choice. Growing cannabis plant either through seeds or clones can serve well depending on you really need. You must be certain of what kind of result you are looking for. Seeds and clones both have their good and not so good aspects and all you have to do is to weigh and evaluate these things. At the end of the day, it will still go back to the personal preferences and taste of the growers. Needless to say, one should really be wise and be careful when deciding which method to apply as it will completely affect the absoluteness of the growth of the plant.
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Top 10 All-Time Favorite Kush Cannabis Seeds

Kush strains are among the most potent and the most delicious cannabis strains in the market. The original Kush is known as the oldest strain in the world. Kush strains may have given rise to a large number of strains in the planet but breeders and growers are not giving up. There is more to this classic strain which is why many look for Kush seeds.  You can buy Kush seeds online and from local dispensaries.  Can’t decide which Kush is perfect for you? We have lists down the top 10 of the best Kush varieties to choose from. Pick the best juicy strain for your needs.

OG Kush (25% sativa, 75% indica)

The classic OG Kush has imprinted in history as the most popular and versatile Kush strain in the market. How OG Kush began and specifically the term “OG” has a rich and colorful history. Some say that it’s short for ocean grown while some call it original Kush.  OG Kush is an unaltered classic strain with a very high THC (highest tested is up to 26%). It gives you a powerful high which can also help relieve medical conditions such as pain, depression, and stress. This strain has a very powerful smell similar to pine, spice, and citrus. The strain's very strong smell is the most prominent characteristic of OG Kush. The smell is so strong it’s hard to maintain your OG Kush plants. It is fast-flowering at 7 to 9 weeks and expects 500 to 550 grams per plant. OG Kush was made by combining Chemdawg with Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush. 

Candy Kush (40% indica, 60% sativa)

Candy Kush tastes and smell just like its name. It is a sweet version of the classic Kush strains with some users comparing it to candy floss. Candy Kush is a slightly balanced strain with a relaxing effect and slight psychoactive effect. The uplifting effects are the first one to set the mood and when you are finally starting to feel very relaxed, the calming narcotic effect sets in. It is the perfect strain for a midnight cap or something that will calm you down especially when you’re stressed and anxious.  Candy Kush flowers in just 7 weeks, one of the fastest blooming indicas and Kush strains. You’ll get 450 to 500 grams per plant in dried form.  This sweet strain was made by combining the genetics of a Sweet Special and a Royal Kush. 

Bubble Kush (20% sativa, 80% indica)

Bubble Kush is a sweet Kush strain. This hybrid has a very distinctive taste and sweet flavor that’s also minty. Along with its potent aroma and flavor, Bubble Kush gives you a  potent body stone. It contains a moderate amount of THC at 19% which makes it a good therapeutic strain with slight psychoactive effects.  Eventually, you will feel a full-body buzz which is the trademark of Bubble Kush. And because of its effects, you can count on this strain to deal with anxiety, stress, pain, and insomnia. Bubble Kush will flower in just 7 to 8 weeks and will give you 600 – 650 grams per plant in dried form. This sweet Kush was made by combining Bubble Gum and OG Kush.

Pineapple Kush (20% sativa, 80% indica)

Pineapple Kush is a tropical strain with a happy, positive and mellow high. It comes with a sweet pineapple taste with a hint of sour diesel. It is an indica-dominant strain that will make you relaxed, euphoric and simply at peace. The tropical aroma adds to the relaxing effects of this yummy strain. Pineapple Kush has a slightly-moderate THC at 17%.  You’ll get 500 to 550 grams per plant in dried form and will flower quickly in just 7 to 8 weeks.  It was created by combining two powerful strains Pineapple x OG Kush. 

Fat Banana (50% sativa, 50% indica)

Fat Banana is a lovely balanced strain with yellow-coated buds with 450 to 500 grams per plant in dried form. This strain is not just all looks. It also has a powerful 25% THC which is not for the faint of heart. Its high is so potent that you won’t forget its effects for a long, long time.  Fat Banana also has a wild tropical aroma that may be hard to control. It is also a balanced hybrid, therefore, you'll enjoy its rich blend of sativa and indica effects. This high- THC strain flowers fast in just 7 to 8 weeks. Fat Banana is a strain made from top genes Banana and OG Kush.

Hulkberry (65% sativa, 35% indica)

A strain belonging to the Bruce Banner family is Hulkberry. This is a strain with vivid green color and very large buds. This strain packs a punch with its staggering 28% THC! It comes with a clear and energetic high which is not for someone who is new to consuming marijuana. Hulkberry offers a mind-blowing experience but despite this, it also stars as a medicinal strain. It can be used to block out pain, headaches, muscle strains, nausea, vomiting, stress, and anxiety. Hulkberry flowers in just 8 to 9 weeks with 650 to 700 grams per plant in dried form. It was made by combining two strong strains OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel. 

Purple Queen (25% sativa, 75% indica)

Purple Queen is a real stunner with a spectacular purple hue. Experts say that this color is because of Purple Queen’s anthocyanins with unique inflammatory and antioxidant effects. This compound is also found in dark fruits including blueberries and grapes and has made this strain look unique and glamorous.  Purple Queen will make you feel relaxed and euphoric with a high THC content at 22%. The Queen is useful for a number of medical conditions including pain, inflammation, nausea, vomiting, stress, anxiety and insomnia. It flowers fast in just 7 to 8 weeks and will give you 650 to 700 grams per plant yield. Purple Queen was created by combining classic strains Hindu Kush and a Purple Afghani.

Critical Kush (20% sativa, 80% indica)

Experience a long-lasting stoned effect which helps you relax and calms all day long with Critical Kush. This has a high THC content at 19% which is why it’s sought as both a medicinal and recreational strain. Critical Kush can relieve medical conditions like pain, muscle spasms, inflammation and insomnia which is incomparable with traditional medications for pain and insomnia.  The soothing effects of Critical Kush are perfect for relaxing after work. It is the strain for you if you are looking for a pleasant, satisfying strain that can help you deal with anxiety and stress.  Critical Kush blooms in just 7 to 8 weeks and will give you 500 to 550 grams per plant. It flowers late September when it is grown outdoors and was made by combining the potent genes of a Critical and an OG Kush.

Royal Kush Automatic (20% sativa, 50% indica, 30% ruderalis)

Mixing a potent OG Kush and a ruderalis strain is the Royal Kush Automatic. This hybrid automatic strain is hardy, will grow almost anywhere there’s good soil. It has a very pungent skunk smell and aroma with very quick flowering at 6 to 7 weeks giving you 120 to 170 grams per plant in dried form.  Royal Kush Automatic has a physical, clear high that can take time to effect. But once it’s in control, you’ll experience the giggles, dizziness and that trademark couch-locked effect. You'll love that it can flower in just 6 to 7 weeks growing buds with dark and frosty tips which are delicious trichomes which are perfect for creating concentrates.   Royal Kush Automatic has a low THC at 13% making it a good medicinal strain. You’ll be harvesting 120 to 170 grams per plant by the time your buds are mature.

Special Kush (20% sativa, 80% indica)

Special Kush is a special strain from a popular cannabis seed bank in Canada. This Kush is one of the easiest to grow and this is perfect for first-time growers and even for experienced growers. The effects are very common to Kush varieties while the smell is also as potent. Odor control should be enhanced when you grow Special Kush strain. You’ll get large buds in just 7 to 8 weeks of germination with 500 to 550 grams per plant yield. Special Kush was made by combining two very powerful strains Afghan and Kush and just by looking at its parents, you can immediately predict that Special Kush can help with insomnia, pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress. If you have had trouble sleeping lately or something on your mind is causing wakefulness then this special strain may be the Kush strain for you.   If you want to use Kush strains for a medical condition, consult your doctor. Take note that each Kush strain has individual properties and effects. A Kush strain may be stimulating while some may be relaxing depending on their chemical makeup.  Take Kush strains in moderation. This is a  strong and satisfying cannabis strain to people who take their effects in moderation.
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Building Marijuana Grow Box in 5 Easy Steps

Indoor growing has become a trend in cultivating plants. As a matter of fact, there are various methods or techniques employed to satisfy indoor cannabis cultivation. There are those who do hydroponics, greenhouse styled growing rooms or lab-based.  However, if you’re out of budget, then there are some alternative ways that you could recreate in order to grow cannabis effectively. One of the most popular and efficient ways is through the use of ‘boxes’.  If you’re curious on how to make these boxes, then we’ll give you somehow an idea on how to transform regular boxes to become a cannabis planting area. It will just take you five steps. Scan below to find out for more

#1 To PLAN first is the most important

Not everyone knows this, but you should be able to take a LOT of time with planning. Constructing marijuana boxes would be relatively easy. However, the planning won’t be.  Moreover, you shouldn’t be unprepared when starting to plant cannabis. That is why it's important that everything should be ready and any potential risks that could happen should be taken into consideration upon planning.  First of all, one should know the important parameters that should be examined upon growing cannabis plants. There are four key requirements for cultivating cannabis plants. This includes the following;  
  It's important that you should buy lighting equipment as an alternative to sunlight. Common grow lights used by a lot of indoor growers are LED lights, High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps, and Metal Halide (MH) lamps.   
  To maintain an optimum temperature for growing cannabis plants, it's essential that you should be equipped with an efficient ventilation system. Also, it has a temperature sensor or thermometer that could be used in measuring the temperature accurately. Marijuana plants grow at temperatures around 20 C to 25 C respectively.   
  The cannabis plants should be kept in an isolated and closed container or box. This should be done to ensure that there’ll be no pests that could cause any harm to your cannabis plants. Likewise, this would be an efficient method to keep the smell of cannabis from escaping outside the box.  To do this, its important to cover conveniently any possible holes that could be done into the box. For basics, you should get a PVC Pipe, a duct tape, and mylar for stability and secure air circulation inside the box.   
  Moisture could cause disruption to cannabis cultivation. That is why it’s vital to keep it optimum for cannabis growing. To assist this, installing humidity sensors and humidifiers would be a good addition to your marijuana growing box to conveniently monitor the humidity levels while cultivation.  Also, make sure that you have sufficient finances when growing cannabis plants. Energy consumption will cost a lot during the growing period. It's important that you should be ready.  Safety is also an issue that should be addressed. Regular monitoring should be done to avoid unnecessary hazards of fire or electric shock during the process. It's vital that one should be acquainted with safety precautions before its late. 

#2 The Size and Location of the Grow Box

Decide the size of your box and how many plants that you’ll be cultivating inside the box. It's important to know that the plants should conveniently grow without any hassle throughout their entire life in the box. One should consider also how tall the plant would be and the length of duration for cannabis cultivation when deciding the size of the box. It's critical to promote maximum growth for better yields of the plants itself. 
Aside from that, you should have been able to decide the location where to put the grow box. As much as possible, it should stay hidden from a lot of people and consequently, safe from any attacks to any animals or pests.  Its also important to seek a location that would be near for electrical plugs, sockets, or any sources of water. In that way, one will not be able to waste effort or money to make things easier. 

#3 The Framework and Design of the Grow Box

You should be able to provide at least a rough sketch or an idea of what to build using the limited materials that you have. There are a lot of ideas that you could check into the internet. Respectively, you could use an old fridge, a plastic box, a cupboard, a cabinet, or make something on your own as a framework as starters.  In part of designing, you should also consider the circuitry and the placement of grow lights, filters, and the ventilation system. It should be conveniently located appropriately to consider several factors like safety and ease of cultivation. 

#4 Construction of the Box

In building the box, it's important to do it step by step. Don’t rush over things as it will cause a lot of confusion during the installation.  Though the design of growing boxes varies, it's still vital to do things in an organized and well-arranged manner. In constructing, you’ll first take consideration on the framework and the enclosure of the box. It should be kept closed as much as possible. If wrapping with a polyethylene bag or duct taping it around would help for total enclosure, then it would be good.  The next thing that you should install is the lighting equipment, ventilation system, filters, and sensors. There are a lot of ways to install these things. One tip is to read and just follow instructions. Do the research and it will surely be much easier for you. 

#5 Grow your cannabis plants

Before putting your pots with seeds on it, test out first the growing box. Do it for a day or two without any plants on it. This would help to at least give you a concrete idea of how things would go during cultivation.  After then, the challenge itself is cultivating exactly the plants. Make sure that you regularly monitor its growth. Accordingly, you should also be informed with the change of cycles and conditions that should be maintained each growing phase. 

The Final Word

Yes, this ain’t steps how to build cannabis box rather than just tips on how to do it. As there are a lot of ways to create a cannabis growing box, we’ll just give you the basics rather on how to do it.  Overall, the essential thing is that you’ll continuously research. Let your inner creativity shines and is your own master when constructing the box. There ain’t no steps or rules to follow. Its all thinking about the welfare of the cannabis plants and what’s exactly is best for these plants.  
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Harvesting 101: The Best Time to Harvest Indoor Marijuana Seeds

You probably have already planted your best indoor marijuana seeds. Now, the next time you need to fully understand is when you should harvest them. You must harvest your strains at the right time. Doping so will avoid any stress on your plants and seeds. It will give your plant enough time to yield right. Through this article, we will share with you some amazing details and info that will help you harvest your strains right. Read on and you will certainly learn a lot. 

Best Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Yield time is the most satisfying and thrilling feature of refining cannabis for many cultivators. After months of seeing your plants gradually transform from sprouts into completely flowering plants, it’s virtually time to grasp for the trimmers and progress to dry and treatment your abundance. Though, it’s significant to remain persistent and not become too hurried. There are many signs you need to be conscious of and guard for on equally the macro and micro stages to make certain your plants are accurately prepared. Reaping cannabis flowers at just the exact time guarantees the best class. Doing so too early can decrease equally harvests and strength, and doing so too late can outcome in THC degradation and a far more sedative and lethargic high. There is a great discussion surrounding precisely when to crop buds. There are over-all rules for each cannabis category in respects to the best time. Indica strains are typically completed after 8 weeks of a peak, and sativa strains subsequently a 10-week passé of blossoming. Autoflowering strains frequently take about 10 weeks after the sprout stage. Though these rules can be accommodating in approximating when yield time may happen, more care to feature is essential to make certain you are spot on with your judgment. Slight information of cannabis structure is mandatory to make an exact valuation of maturity and of when your cannabis plants are prepared to be collected. Below we clarify how some fragments of the cannabis shrub that show signs that drying and curing are just about the bend.


It doesn’t take much functional information to classify this alteration. Fan leaves are the big and extensive leaves that help as energy-forming solar boards for your shrub. Throughout the vegetative stage, yellow leaves aren’t a decent thing and frequently point in the direction of alimentary shortages. Though, if your plant is laden with floras, fan leaves will start to turn buttery and expire as much of the resources are absorbed towards the blossoms. This is an informal way to spot and a reliable sign that crop time is near.


This is where a little cannabis structure can go a long means. Becoming familiar with cannabis pistils will aid you to classify when it’s time to start cutting florae. Pistils are hair-like constructions upon cannabis florae that arise from the calyx and can effortlessly be recognized with the naked eye. Pistils comprise the generative structures of the female cannabis shrub and will grow a seed if fertilized by a male. These constructions are white initial on in the peak stage and turn to darker colors of red, chocolate, and carroty as the florae move closer to yield. If furthermost of the pistils are still perceptibly white, then it’s moreover early to crop and your plants must be left to established for a little longer. Cultivators should delay until as a minimum 50% of pistils have turned shadier to guarantee near greatest THC stages. Start trimming flowers when 60–70% of pistils have turned shady for the uppermost stages of THC. Those cultivators watching for a more pitting and bodily high should delay until 70–90% of pistils have altered colors, as more THC will have rehabilitated to CBN at this phase.


Trichomes are significant functional parts that bid signs for crop time, though on a much more micro stage. Trichomes are miniature mushroom-shaped glands that inhabit the plants and sugar leaves and crop the valued resin that comprises cannabinoids and terpenes. Trichomes are too minor to be correctly measured with the naked eye, consequently, enlarging tools are mandatory to get a quick look. A jeweler’s loupe is a small hand-held telescopic device that can be used to get up adjacent and private with trichomes. Moreover, a digital hand-held microscope will deliver a stronger image of the condition of your trichomes, nonetheless at more of a price. Under intensification, trichomes will look vibrant and have crystal-like look throughout the initial phase of blossoming, suggesting low strength and underripe plants. Further down the peak timeline, trichomes will start to show a more overcast appearance and cloudy color. When these resin plants are only partially cloudy, plants are still not completely molded and will have a low odor outline. There’s still some period to wait. Ultimately trichomes will develop mostly gray. At this phase, they hold the utmost stages of THC and will crop the most penetrating psychoactive effects. This is the argument when most cultivators will want to crop their yield. If left extended, trichomes will turn from a gray color into an orangey one. Gathering at this phase will crop a more tranquilizer and bodily high. It’s significant to note that each grower has a diverse view on when to crop their cannabis plants. Some growers like to crop earlier though others favor later, which is why a thoughtful of the knowledge of cannabis botany is so useful.
Growing cannabis is a repeated learning procedure. Contingent on the crop, a perfect crop may be primary or advanced in the trichome growth. Since this erraticism, rising the same heredities and working with similar strains for more than one crop is fortified.


It is important that you fully understand the perfect time when to harvest your plants. Make sure as well that you only plant the Best Indoor Marijuana Seeds to fully enjoy its crop time.
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Cultivation 101: Growing Different Indoor Marijuana Seeds

Growing different kinds of marijuana seeds indoor will need different requirements and care. Some need proper lighting and some need more fertilizer. The key here is to learn more about those seeds that will work best for you. If you are a novice then it will help a lot that you only choose and plant the simple and most basic kind of marijuana seed. This way, you will be able to grow and cultivate it right. Read on and we will share with you the indoor marijuana cultivation guide.

Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Guide

Carbon-based marijuana is the harmless, most truthful marijuana you will ever devour. Unquestionable, you can purchase all your marijuana from a righthand organic source, which we surely inspire you to do, nonetheless have you ever believed about mounting it yourself? Mounting your carbon-based cannabis at home is debatably the fittest and most sustaining means to devour marijuana. Finest of all, it’s not all that hard to prepare. Certainly, becoming a cannabis grower does need an asset of time, persistence, and cash, nonetheless, that’s why we’re here to support. This guide will display you how to minimalize that speculation and will methodically make and stimulate you to produce your carbon-based marijuana.

Understanding Organic Mounting

Non-organic denotes to any kind of shrub nourishment that has been predigested in a workroom before it is located in the dirt. Carbon-based, by way of difference, mentions to horticultural with normal plant nutrients resulting or composted from dead greeneries, shrubberies, grass trimmings, bat guano, liquid fish, or seaweed. None of the nutrients applied in anhydrous or organic mounting have ever gotten the inside of a laboratory.

How to Fertilize for Cannabis

Composting benefits reprocess normal waste from pods, vegetables, and indoor and outdoor florae, back into the dirt. This carbon-based waste feeds the bacterial lifeforms that aid us to produce new harvests of berries, root vegetables, and florae…counting cannabis. That’s carbon-based mounting in a nutshell. So carbon-based marijuana is cannabis that is full-grown in spontaneously composted and pollinated soil. You can start the composting procedure by gathering sufficient carbon and nitrogen resources to make four to five loads of dirt per container plant that you mean to cultivate.

Ganja Propagation

  • Make certain to smear the strain of the seed with an indicator and masking tape on the glasses if you are working with more than one strain. Leave the glass in a warm, shady room. Parched seeds will drift when you primary place them in liquid. They will absorb liquid and descend to the bottommost in one or two hours.
  • Eliminate the seed when you get the tiny white taproot to appear from the shell. Don’t leave spores drenched for extended than 32 hours as they can die. If sopping your spores in water-filled vessels doesn’t effort for you for some cause, there is an additional choice. Place the dry spores between two sheets of moist paper towels and stock them in a warm, shady room for approximately twenty-four hours. This will root the seeds to bud on top.

How to Retain the Sprout Safe

  • If you are at work with more than one shrub or more than one strain, don’t overlook to tag the strain of the seed on the planting cup. This aids to evade misperception afterward. Make certain you don’t trace the taproot with your finger! Plant the seed, taproot filling down, in a 12 or 16-ounce plastic cup. Shelter the seed with just sufficient composted, nonetheless unfertilized, dirt to shelter the root from light. Make certain the seed isn’t so cavernous that they sprout won’t be able to breakdown through.
  • Don’t change the sprouts around excessively until they’ve touched the vegetative stage. Retain the sprouts warm, and start giving them continuous light the moment the stem arises from the dirt.

How to Appropriately pH water

  • The potential of hydrogen (pH) is a numeric measure used to stipulate the sharpness or alkalinity of a liquid. It’s essential to check the pH of the liquid that you give to your cannabis plants since they need a somewhat sharper medium to abstract and pause down all of the carbon-based nutrients that you’ll be nourishing them. Inspecting and regulating the pH level of your liquid is a simple procedure. Leave tap water in an exposed vessel for 24 hours to de-chlorinate it. Use pH tester droplets or a pH tester pen to control the pH of your liquid. Complement pH up and/or pH down to your liquid to retain it within an ideal pH variety of 6.0 to 7.0. Use your pH sample, enhance drops from a flask of pH up and/or down as essential and retest to get the sharpness of your liquid in the perfect variety.
  • Spray bottles are perfect for keeping the dirt off your sprouts humid without stirring, over-soaking, or sinking them with dispensed water. Dampen your marijuana plants no less than twice a day at this period. You can cut clear plastic beverage bottles and stick them into the dirt over the sprouts to retain additional dampness.
  • The sprout will break ground and two slight rounded developing cotyledon greeneries will push out of the shell in 2 to 5 days. Subsequently, the primary couple of baby notched marijuana leaves will arise. Over the following few days, your baby pot shrub will shoot shrubberies with 3, 5, and 7 points reliant on whether you are mounting an indica, sativa, or amalgam plant. Some of the lesser leaves close the sprouts can produce up to 9, 11, or even 13 points.

Cannabis indica leaves characteristically produce much petite and broader than sativa leaves. Cannabis indica will likewise harvest fewer greeneries (seven to nine) on the stalks when associated with the sativa plant.

Conclusion It is a must that you fully understand how this Indoor Marijuana Cultivation Guide to be able to get the results you need from your marijuana venture. Make sure that you know the exact kind of strain you wish to grow to apply the right care as well.
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Potting Soil or Gardening Soil: Which is Best for Indoor Marijuana Growing?

You might have learned the basics of Indoor Marijuana Growing together with its relevance, importance, and scope of the said practice in modern society where we live today. Indeed, this gardening movement is an important technique in these high times where most of the governments in our world. However, as we go along this practice, you might have this dilemma in choosing the right soil for your Marijuana Seeds. Will you ever go for Potting Soil? Or with the Gardening ones? Which is Best for Indoor Marijuana Growing?

Highlighting the Soil

Soil is one of the universal elements in our world. It is the source of nutrition, home, and water purification for all of its living inhabitants. It is made up of different organic matters, minerals, liquids, gases, and various organisms. When mixed, they are effectively capable of supporting life. For the plants, soils are the primary source of life. It is in these vast mixtures scattered in different parts of the world, from their humble seeds that germinated in time. These mixtures supported their needed minerals and managed to help them exist in the past billions of years. Gardening Soil Gardening Soil is the typical soil that you have seen in the farms or mountainsides which are full of minerals and nutrients that are good for your plants. It is the conventional topsoil where the trees in the forest are planted on. This type of soil is suitable for outdoor planting with natural conditioners such as those mixtures from the compost pit. Potted Soil On the other hand, potting soil is the mixture of organic compounds which are packed in a pot, meant to be used for plants for indoor settings. These plants have to grow far and relatively controlled exposure from the sunlight and other atmospheric conditions which may affect their growth when placed outside. Because this soil is not exposed outside, it has to be more concentrated to provide good nutrition for the hidden plants.

Factors to Consider for your Successful Indoor Marijuana Growing

• Types of Soil

a. Loam The best and most used type of soil for the plants around the world, loam soils is the balanced mixture of clay, sand, and silt which helps the seed to germinate easier due to the said balance of the three important soils but are extreme. b. Clay The heaviest among the six types, this soil is relatively high in nutrients due to its liquid properties but is unideal for the plants that must grow in the rainy season or endure the scorching heat during the dry season. This soil is fragile and sensitive when it comes to the climate. c. Sand This is the most acidic in all of the soils, considering its low, dry, and light properties that makes an ordinary jungle plant may not grow on this type of soil. However, some plants can be easily planted in a desert and nobody will ever tell you on when to come back on that remote area, just to check your growing plant, in case if it grows. d. Silt This soil is light and convenient to use. It holds moistures better than the sandy soil. It is made up of medium-sized particles and because of this, the silt soil can easily get compacted upon usage. e. Peat One of the most common types of soils being used for garden purposes, peats are one of the most moisturized and rich in organic matter. This type of soil is good for ornamentals and other small plants that need to be separated with the other plants growing with loam. f. Chalk The most alkaline content in the rest of the soils, this type of soil is good for the plants who do not need acidic conditions for growth and are shallow, low in fertility but in other variants- it can hold greater nutrition than the clay soils and higher water capacity.

• Properties of Soil for Successful Marijuana Growth

a. Physical Texture Your soil must be of natural formation to make it accommodating to the seeds needed to plant over them and create natural pockets and minimal rooms for ventilation and abundant nutrient supplies from the depths of this soil. At the end of the day, it’s your soil that must be primarily responsible for the successful growth of your plants. a. Porosity Your soil must be good enough to create spaces for water and gas deposits. This soil composition can help the roots of your plants to better absorb the liquids, minerals, and in rare cases, gases which can contribute to the growth of the plants. b. Consistency Your soil must be good enough to have a uniform texture and formation to avoid any deprived right for a plant to grow. If your soil has different types and was mixed, such as the loam and sandy, then chances are that the nutrition that your plant may gain in that soil will go lower and this will significantly affect the quality of your Marijuana Plant. c. Temperature Just like our rooms, your soil temperature matters, especially when you live in places where extreme weather conditions may happen from daily to monthly. As we all know, one cannot be able to survive so much coldness and immense heat because these temperatures can make our body systems malfunction and eventually stop. What more if the plants will face the same situation, considering their thinner body systems, more fragile parts, and smaller capacities which are susceptible to sudden change of atmospheric heat. d. Color Another thing to consider is your soil’s color which affects the buyers’ minds immediately. Your ideal soil must be in loam and if another strain mixes, it may result in weaker strains. One may not consider buying light brown soils than buying the darker colors. Also, one must know that traditionally, the ideal soils must be a part of the vast topsoil in the world- which is usually dark brown. e. Resistivity Is your soil good enough to retract the current electric condition that can destroy your plant especially when it is dry? If your soil continues to be a good conductor of electricity despite being dry, it means that your soil is too metallic and may not be good for your plants’ growth, putting the minerals that can be absorbed by your plant be electrically charged, polarized and may not penetrate the internal systems of your plant.

• Nutrients and Minerals

a. Nitrate This is the form of Nitrogen that your plants need. This is the mineral which gives your plants the vibrant colors they grow in the future- from green, red, violet or other ecological colors through the chlorophyll production. Nitrate also helps your plant to develop strong and enduring foliage. b. Phosphorus This mineral is the main factor that helps your plants develop good roots and flowers. It helps your plants endure the changing environmental concerns, such as drought and winter. c. Potassium It contributes to your plants’ early growth and development, as well as its water retention until it matures further for a few more weeks. It also helps them to fight diseases and harmful insect intervention. d. Magnesium Like the Nitrate, Magnesium is also responsible for the color development of your plants, especially your leaves. e. Sulfur It helps your plants to fight many diseases that it may acquire through the air or water. Sometimes, it may acquire through human intervention. It also assists your plant to develop other important minerals like Amino Acids, Vitamins, Proteins, and Enzymes. f. Calcium This mineral is the one responsible for the growth and development of cell walls of our strains. If well-developed, the cell walls of your plants will effectively combat the diseases it has to suppress and is necessary for the biological metabolism and nitrate uptake of your plant. Conclusion Depending on the strain, type of cultivation and your desired nature, your plants will still grow even if it is intended for Indoor Marijuana Growing or Outdoor displays.
Your Gardening Soil is good for the strains which need to be exposed by direct sunlight to produce good and high-quality foods, enriching their THC and CBD contents and are great for long-term use.
However, Potted Soil boasts another nature of Indoor Marijuana with its Ruderalis and other Indica Plants as the primary targets of the said indoor practice. This soil is good for keeping the plants healthy despite the absence of sunlight in their lives. After all, these are still plants- they have lives and choose to act well despite the setbacks being imposed by their owners or farmers. In the end, you must choose on whether you will plant  marijuana growing or plant Outdoors before continuing to check your supplier’s attention due to some problems with your purchased soil. Enjoy gardening!
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10 Best Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Cannabis ruderalis has beautifully transformed to become a beautiful sister of the breeds, dropping its acceptability as a feral weed. During the twenty-first century, the varieties of autoflowering cannabis are a hybrid mixture of sativa, indica, and ruderalis strains. However, this trend has gradually changed and this was because of the next generation autos.

Those flourishing cannabis understand that there are various choices for cannabis strains. Some choose to grow cannabis seeds for medical use. Some grow autoflowering cannabis seeds, while others prefer feminized cannabis seeds. Autoflowering cannabis is perfect to grow. Regardless if you are a newbie or veteran to cultivation, you will surely be awed by the recent super quick autoflowering strains.

The autoflower seeds can be the succeeding procedure in breeding marijuana. By bringing altogether the indicas and sativas with their lush and ferocious sisters Cannabis ruderalis, the breeders are able to govern to obtain nearly excellent strains which give you a large yield, great efficiency, and impressive genetics which lets you plant and grow marijuana easily and rapidly.

Modern autoflowering cannabis strains are the perfect option for growers who are just starting or those that are “first-timers. These are also great for people who do not have enough patience needed during the photoperiod flowering days. What makes the modern autoflowering cannabis strains outstanding from the rest is that they not dependent on photoperiod. Thus, they do not need a lowered cycle of light to bloom.

Whatever type of cannabis seeds that they would want to grow, their common ground is that they all like to begin with the best kind of cannabis seeds. The diversity of autoflowering cannabis seeds is distinct from the other two growing options. Autoflowering flowers by its own that are not beyond four weeks. Moreover, autoflowering cannabis seeds grow rapidly.

Here are 10 best cannabis strains that belong to the variety of autoflowering:

1.    White Widow Automatic – It only takes around seventy-five days to grow the seed into bud. White Widow Automatic smells like citrus and tastes sweet and sour. Normally, one can anticipate around forty to one hundred sixty grams per plant, relying on the condition of the environment.

2.    Sweet Skunk Automatic – This is a quick-flowering strain that is a mixture of Big Devil #2 and Green Poison. It takes around eight weeks for the seeds to grow and become ready for harvest. Each plant is expected to weigh forty to fifty grams depending on the condition of the environment. These seeds can grow even in areas with limited spaces like balconies and gardens. The Sweet Skunk Automatic is recognized for its very powerful smell and taste and guarantees to provide a suave, calming smoke.

3.    Royal Creamatic – For cannabis strains that are known for sweet taste, the Royal Creamatic is recognized for its forceful, sweet flavor and aroma of caramel, with heavy but calming physical results. These seeds are perfect for flourishing in indoor gardens that are small in space. Each plant is expected to weigh around eighty to one hundred ten grams and will be ready for harvest after eight weeks.

4.    Northern Light Automatic – People who enjoy the traditional weed and even the newbie’s would love to use this strain. This seed starts to blossom with flowers nearly instant and is available for harvest after nine to ten weeks. It can grow very well in indoors, but it can also survive and grow in outdoors given that the climate is warm. There is a great chance for this kind of seed to become of the maximal yielding plants ever occurred. Some of these seeds are planted out-of-doors in Spain and they were known to generate plants that weigh two hundred grams each. Meanwhile, the same seeds that are planted and grown indoors weigh ninety grams per plant by average. Northern Light Automatic has a sweet taste and complacent effects to the physical body. Further, this seed is also an excellent option among medical marijuana consumers.

5.    Royal Cheese Automatic – This kind of plant is ideal for people who love cheese. Royal Cheese Automatic is popular for its distinct, powerful scent and cheese-like taste. This seed is said to grow and become ready for harvest after 10 weeks. If planted and grown in best conditions, each plant is expected to weigh forty grams by average. It guarantees a powerful, visceral and calming effect.

6.    Royal Dwarf – This plant is considered to be one of the most condensed plants accessible. Together with its compact buds, you can grow these seeds either in outdoors or indoors in the most limited spaces available. Thus, if your room is not that spacious, Royal Dwarf is the best plant recommended for you. Each plant can weigh up to sixty grams and will be ready for harvest after eight to nine weeks. Royal Dwarf produces a very powerful scent and creates moderate and soothing effects.

7.    Royal Critical Automatic – This plant is actually a combination of Sativa, Ruderalis, and Indica strains. It is much known for its powerful growth and huge yields. Royal Critical Automatic becomes ready for harvest after nine weeks from the planting, from then you will see a very firm plant with large thick buds. Each plant is anticipated to weigh seventy to eighty grams.

8.    Royal Jack Automatic – This plant is harvestable after ten weeks. Each plant is expected to weigh forty to seventy grams. It grows not too tall which becomes ideal for places that have smaller spaces. Royal Jack Automatic is recognized as a compelling strain and guarantees an instigative and imaginative but calming effect. People enjoy its smooth and fresh taste, with slight incorporation of spiciness.

9.    Royal Haze Automatic – This plant provides a different taste and instigative effect. Since Royal Haze Automatic grows short, it can be planted and grown in places where other plants cannot survive.     Under a good environment condition, each plant is expected to weigh around eighty to one hundred grams. Royal Haze Automatic becomes ready for harvest after ten to twelve weeks.

10.    Royal AK Automatic – This is a dominant hybrid of Mexican, Afghani, Columbian, and Thai cannabis strains. Royal AK Automatic is capable of growing in any place. Depending on the condition of the environment, each plant is anticipated to reach a weight of seventy to one hundred twenty grams. This plant becomes ready for harvest after nine to ten weeks. It has a powerful, mild taste and an aroma that is the piquant-sweet scent. It guarantees an ecstatic and rushing effect.

The Advantages of Autoflowering Cannabis Strains

Familiarizing yourself with these lists of autoflowering cannabis strains, you will understand their basic and common characteristics. There are several positive explanations why it is great to grow autoflowering cannabis strains:

1.    Quick harvest and flowering period – This is an enormous benefit for the growers who want to achieve their important harvest the soonest time possible. Further, it is an enormous benefit for people who are flourishing plants in some areas of the world where being quick to harvest are important needs.

2.    Autoflowering plants are solid and small – They do not require large spaces for the planting.  This aspect is influenced by the admittance of cannabis ruderalis genetics. Because of this characteristic, autoflowering strains grow compact and small. This given fact is an enormous asset to certain growers who are searching for the perfect output out of their increasing space.  The fast cycle of growth and compact measurement of autoflowering strains turn them the utmost option for obscured growing spaces.

3.    There is no alteration required for the photoperiod – Autoflowering strains do not demand an alteration in a light cycle to produce flowers. Rather, they flower while earning age. Autoflowering strains instantly flower unconcerned of the cycle of the light they intake. This grants outdoors the primary potential benefit – it is doable to grow numerous harvests each season. And if you happen to forget the planting of cannabis seeds on time, you still have the option to begin late the season with auto then perform harvest in time just before the weather shifts to cold.

4.    They are durable – Autos have ruderalis genes, thus they are more durable than other types of marijuana plants. Put in mind that they are categorized on plants which were able to survive and grow in the rough weather condition of Russia.

5.    Continuous harvests – Even though it is not doable to keep the autoflowering strain as the mother plant to generate a duplicate, they are still qualified to fit well for continuous harvests. Flowering that is not dependent on the extent of light that they draw - you eradicate the requirement for a mother. You can acquire plants from different stages of growing all in the same room. To achieve a continuous harvest, begin with some number of plants, and once they start to blossom with flowers, put additional plants in the room.

6.    Easy growing and less trouble – These autoflowering seeds possess strong genetics of ruderalis. This illustration explains why it is easier to grow them. You do not have to put your focus on the schedule of the lights. Plants are tougher and normally indulge colder weather.

7.    Excelling resistance to climate – Autoflowering strains can withstand colder weather and possess a better resistance against different kinds of diseases. Whether it is fungi, mildew, pathogens, or mold that you encounter trouble with, then perhaps you contemplate in growing these autoflowering strains. You will definitely rescue yourself from getting worried and being stress.

8.    Size is easier to manage – These autoflowering strains commonly do not grow higher to 1.2m. This is a great advantage for growers who plan to grow these seeds both indoor and outdoor. If you plant indoor with smaller space, autoflowering can work best for you. If you prefer to plant outdoors and like to get a quick harvest, then you must also refer to autoflowering genetics.

Guides to Autoflowering

When you decide to grow autoflowering cannabis strains, it is very essential that you make sure that your plants receive enough support all through the entire process. Auto is characteristically more favorable, but it also provides far limited room for mistakes than common marijuana plants. Basically, you will start your autoflower planted and grown indoors while incorporating artificial lights which you can manipulate. This strategy lessens the possibility of error and boosts the chance of beginning strong. Veteran growers suggest performing the harvest gradually. This step permits the lower buds to mature a little prior they are being harvested.

A lot of growers obtain their kind of cannabis seeds from a particular seed bank. People who purchase cannabis seeds from a seed bank commonly want to get the perfect kind of seeds to ensure promising results.  Relatively, many buyers also go online since it is easier to find the best option if you simply browse the website. There are numbers of prominent websites which sell autoflowering seeds. You must know that buying the best kind of autoflower seed can really daunting at first. But if you manage to make use any of the listed cannabis strains above, there is no question that you will achieve results that are very satisfactory. When deciding for the best option, the following questions can be your best guide:

1.    What type of growing circumstance will these seeds be grown?

2.    What is your ideal aroma and taste?

3.    How many levels of CBD and THC are you searching for?

The step of making use autoflowering cannabis strains are turning and expanding popularity. It is an intelligent strategy which gives you the alternative of harvesting the seeds within ten weeks from the planting. It does not require big space, thus you can immediately start the growing with your comparatively small space. They are stronger compared to their photoperiod competitors. The remarkable progress in the enhancement process signifies that these autoflowering plants are also releasing more effective marijuana. Nonetheless, the autoflowering plants are small and release a portion of the turnout identified with the old school marijuana.

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10 Cannabis Strains Perfect for Insomnia

You may have the most common ideas on how it is to become insomniac. You are already in bed and you want to sleep and rest, but your eyes won’t just cooperate! You have already tried different sleeping pills and drank warm milk hoping that these will help you get asleep. You have tried so much, but unfortunately, you did not succeed. That is insomnia that is attacking you! And many understand the burden of lack of sleep. Maybe there are so many nights that insomnia has left you weak and helpless. And for sure you do not want to prolong this agony. You want to look for the best medication that will finally save you from your condition.

Medically speaking, insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder which some people are going through. If an individual is regularly dealing with insomnia, then he must understand what a horror it can be.

There are several reasons why people get insomnia. Some are established by a medical condition, while others are due to psychiatric or mental problems. Further, people can also experience insomnia because of poor sleeping habits. Several issues like hypertension, anxiety, chronic pain, stress, trauma, or depression can lead to insomnia.

Moreover, engaging in activities that would require a person to stay awake until a late hour which causes the adrenaline to pierce can also trigger insomnia. Even the habit of drinking caffeine during late afternoon or in the evening can also be a great contributing factor for insomnia.

Approximately one out of three people suffer from insomnia. It is said that a healthy sleep among adults should be seven to nine hours. A sleep that falls short on the ideal hour may be reflective to one’s health.

Some facts about insomnia:

  1. Around 10% of the total population goes through a chronic insomnia
  2. You are at higher danger of being exposed to insomnia if you are over 60 years old, a woman, have physical health issues, or have mental health issues.
  3. You are probably to experience insomnia if you already have kids.

Insomnia can become a serious condition. The lack of sleep can develop psychological results as it can really wear you down. Probably you have observed that when are relatively tired than the usual, you are more prone to becoming short-tempered.

To point it out, there is so much trouble when one gets insomnia:

  1. One can encounter an accident
  2. One may not be able to work effectively
  3. The value of life declines
  4. The simple and easy tasks may seem difficult and overpowering
  5. One may see his motivation depleted

Because insomnia is definitely a disturbing case, around 95% of insomniacs get help from a certain type of medication to comfort them with their sleep. But what is good is that even if you are dealing with insomnia, you are not the only person who is going through it. In fact, insomnia has become a very prevailing condition, which has triggered the creation of various treatment alternatives. Lately, a lot of patients are making use of weeds to aid their sleeping problems, giving credit to the relaxing effects that these weeds produce. The best marijuana strains for sleep medication can free your running mind, alleviate chronic pain, soothe your body, and assist you to get asleep.

How Should You Handle Insomnia?

If you find it helpful to change the schedule of your bedtime so that your insomnia can be solved, then do not hesitate to implement these changes! But if your insomnia is triggered by anxiety, depression, or pain, then you might just want to try marijuana to help you with your situation. There are some tones of marijuana that are ideal in calming insomnia that is influenced by chronic pain. Other types of marijuana work better for insomnia that is triggered by anxiety. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the primary psychoactive ingredient of cannabis, is also recognized for its soothing characteristics.

Nonetheless, if you are having difficulty with your sleep because of anxiety and apprehensions, the so-called cannabidiol or CBD would be a better treatment for you. The proper intake of high CBD cannabis product or maybe just the ample intake of CBD to neutralize the effects of THC can be much beneficial for insomniacs as it can finally put an end to their trouble in sleeping.

For the time being, cannabinol or CBN is five times much soothing compared to THC, hence it can also be another alternative for the medication of your insomnia.

There are various options for marijuana strains, thus it is really important to find the best marijuana strain for insomnia. So far, the indica strains appear to become the most working strain, giving relaxing fallout that is opposite to the “upper” result which certain individuals encounter with sativa strains. Further, also contemplate consolidating your chosen strain to a comestible, since the results of comestible are likely to endure longer compared to vaporizing or smoking. Lastly, if the insomnia is triggered by anxiety, you may find it necessary refraining high-leveled THC strains. Some people have only worsened the indications of anxiety when exposed to high-leveled THC.

List of 10 Cannabis Strains That Are Best for Insomnia

  1. Girl Scout Cookies – This type of marijuana contains 20% of THC and 2% of CBD. People who are under depression can make use of this kind of marijuana because it has this kind of characteristics wherein it provides a sedating, relaxation results to the body, thus making it a good alternative for those who have insomnia. However, people must be aware that Girl Scout Cookies is a very compelling strain; therefore people are recommended to go moderately as it can generate a powerful psychoactive result.
  2. Harlequin – This kind of marijuana strain is 75% sativa-dominant hybrids. Harlequin contains CBD and THC, with CBD in a higher ratio that is 5:2. Further, it has the ability to relieve the pain, depression, stress, and anxiety. Even though it is a given fact that Harlequin is superior in sativa, it is also recognized as a calming marijuana strain that aids people to get a good and longer sleep. It is specifically ideal for individuals who have insomnia that is driven by anxiety because it only involves a very minimal, or totally zero psychoactivity.
  3. White Widow – This kind of marijuana strain is a balanced hybrid. It is known to be more analytical and calming as it gives a well-neutralized psychoactive effect. It contains 20% of THC and 2% of CBD. White Widow is best recommended as medication to people who have insomnia that is affiliated with depression and pain.
  4. Cookie Jar – This kind of marijuana strain is a lovechild of Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and White Fire Alien OG. This can provide effective relief to both anxiety and headaches. Moreover, this strain is generally acknowledged of providing an entire body calming effects. With this being explained, Cookie Jar becomes ideal for people who have insomnia.
  5. Kryptonite - This kind of marijuana strain is a combination of Killer Queen and Mendocino Purps.  This kind of natural alternative possesses a high grade of THC, which can even go up to 25%. It can be used to ease anxiety and pain while offering the benefits of body relaxation so that one can finally get a good sleep. It is necessary to perceive that there are certain people see this marijuana strain to compel stimulation. It is also good to know that the results of Kryptonite to a person can vary. There are people who see it innovatively invigorating, while there are also individuals who see it as the best marijuana strain that can help them in easing their sleep.
  6. Hawaiian Purple Kush – Hawaiian Purple Kush is an 80% indica-superior combination that is an infusion of Purple Kush and Hawaiian. It contains 15% of THC with a minimum grade of CBD. It is popular for promoting excellent muscle relaxation and possessing pain-alleviating characteristics. This Hawaiian Purple Kush has the capability of promoting a comprehensive relaxed environment which becomes an ideal approach to the medication of insomnia.
  7. A-10 – This marijuana strain contains a higher content of CBD and THC. It is acknowledged with the ability to combat chronic pain, benumbed migraine, and lessens anxiety. The high content of THC has turned it to become beneficial in eradicating the issues of insomnia. In the intervening time, the high content of CBD also helps an individual to keep asleep while neutralizing any psychoactivity generated from the high grade of THC. A-10 has an enduring potency, which facilitates in boosting a good sleep.
  8. Grape Ape – This kind of marijuana strain releases a couch lock. Nonetheless, the results are not expected to come abruptly, which becomes perfect for assisting people in getting good sleep and stay asleep for an ideal number of hours. Grape Ape produces an effect that is both calming and sedative, and it is also admitted to being beneficial in comforting anxiety.
  9. Hindu Kush – This one is an indica that possesses 14% of THC. It is recognized for its capability to annihilate severe headaches and pain. People who have insomnia that is driven by pain may use Hindu Kush as a medication. This cannabis strain is also beneficial in relieving pain, stress, anxiety, and even mood disorders. Further, Hindu Kush persuades a deep soothing result which can assist people to feel relax and eventually fall asleep.
  10. Afghani CBD – This marijuana strain is high in CBD. It is acknowledged to provide a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Because of its high CBD content, this strain is specifically beneficial in lessening anxiety while assembling a soothing result which can aid people to get asleep. Moreover, Afghani CBD is best in relieving chronic pain and lessening spasms of muscles, which can lead to assistance to people who are going through a condition such as Parkinson’s disease.

These are the common options for cannabis strains. It is important that you are able to select the perfect strain that will best fit your requirements. You must know that these cannabis strains or varieties are largely flexible and their results will execute to help you get a good and sufficient sleep. Moreover, they will enhance on supporting in safeguarding against the contradictory results of other issues too such as depression, stress, and pain.

In finding the best marijuana strain, you must bear in mind that it is best to be sure. Look for a supplier that is both dependable and legal. Also, the best method of finding the best cannabis strain is to determine the reasons why you are having trouble getting sleep. The reasons can be due to biological aspects, depression, reflux issues, or even hypertension. The aspects which identify which marijuana strain will be most useful for you are identified by your unique symptoms and the exclusive qualities of the strain you have decided to treat them. You can still improve the quality of your lifestyle by achieving good sleep.

Fortunately, the marijuana industry offers plenty of choices with numbers of suppliers. The assortment of the dispensary menu is created to offer a wide array of choices even with the particular groups such as sativa or indica, allowing the patients to look at options and tailor-make their medication plan. Majority of the patients really appreciate the knowledge that they are given and offered products that are cultured particularly for medical consumption and have went through lab tests to ensure safety and effectiveness.

It can be challenging to decide which marijuana strain to choose once you will be facing down a dispensary menu. But when you know what you really need and you equip yourself with the basic knowledge on these known marijuana strains, then you will eventually get the best and the right item. Also, you have to make sure that you check the reputation of the online marijuana store or dispensary before you buy anything from them. You have to make sure that the quality of their products is indeed great and that the price is reasonable.

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10 Songs Perfect for a Pot Session

What could be better than a bowl of your best flower and a weed–themed song playing in the background? It’s true that most people associate special events in their lives with songs. Do you still remember the song playing in the background when you proposed? How about that song stuck in your head every time you head off to work?

Just like every moment in your life that has that special soundtrack, toking also has its cool rhythms. Still looking for that perfect music the next time you ride the high? These top ten songs will surely be your next playlist!

Why Play Music When You Take Cannabis?

Obviously, there’s a reason why most cannabis smokers love to listen to music as they get high. Some reveal that listening to music enhances the effect of weed. Listening to relaxing music as you enjoy a true blue indica blend will help you feel its delicious relaxing effect whereas indulging in psychedelic rock music will greatly boost a sativa’s high.

Listening to music helps some people to focus and to become more creative. This is why some consumers who use cannabis for focus; creativity and energy like to keep a playlist of their favorite inspiring tunes. Some would play their stereos loud, enjoying loud bass beats and singing along as they work. Some would rather keep their music close by and just wear headphones or earbuds which of course greatly enhances their mood and their ability to think and create.

Some consumers reveal that they play music to improve their mood especially when they use cannabis for stress, anxiety, and depression. CBD strains, in particular, has the ability to boost mood and flush out negative emotions. CBD strains combined with good music can quickly help people relieve stress and anxiety so they can focus on what’s more important in their lives.

Sometimes music can help you ease stress and stimulate relaxation and even sleep. Insomniacs can get relief from cannabis strains that can induce sleep and music can help set the mood for sleep. If you have had a tiring day and your mind is still reeling from stress, you can ease your worries and relax while listening to good music and enjoying a smoke.

Party music is also preferred by people who are in pot sessions and events. This is why most cannabis-themed events all over the world have outdoor concerts. Countless singers, songwriters, and artists support weed use which is why their fans follow in their footsteps.

The Top 10 Songs to Listen to While Consuming Weed


Now, this is a complete revelation! Just when you thought this song was about a man thinking of the love of his life when frontrunner Paul McCartney explained that this was not the message of this song at all.

He revealed the meaning of Got to Get You Into My Life when he was interviewed for his book “Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now” saying that they were not singing about some woman but rather it was about weed. He wrote the song when he was taking weed for the first time.

He explained that he was a “straight working –class lad” before but after he discovered smoking pot, he became someone new. He enjoyed marijuana’s uplifting effects so much saying that it was unlike alcohol and pills which have terrible side effects. He called weed “mind-expanding” which was the reason for the lyrics “I’m going to do this. This is not a bad idea.”  

  1. RAINY DAY WOMEN #12 AND 35 – BOB DYLAN 1966

Aside from being a good weed song, Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 also has a secret message written in plain sight. Bob Dylan announced that he would never write a song about drugs but apparently, this song was all about it.

It’s cool beats and interesting chorus saying: ”Everybody must get stoned!” has become an anthem for most cannabis users. People also think that rainy day woman is an old weed slang. And who could deny that 12 multiplied by 35 is 420?

The song will give you that interesting high. Just listening to it may even get you in the mood to get high. A tip from fans: try the instrumental version, it will get you stoned faster.


Rick James’s song Mary Jane is undoubtedly about weed. Just listening to it will instantly make you high as a kite. James was known for his drug of choice: cocaine but he also admitted that he loved weed. And when Rick James bought weed he purchased pounds of it!

Mary Jane was at the top of the charts as one of the best R&B hits in 1978 and was also included in the pop charts. This song was often the highlight of Rick James’ live performances where he would perform in the middle of two huge fake joints. As he sang, he would take puffs from a real one.


What’s a list of the top ten songs for pot sessions without Snoop Dogg? This song was all about “ghetto stuff” explained Snoop in an interview for the Rolling Stones in 1993 about his single Gin and Juice. It told a story about how a house party in the hood has gone out of hand with so much drama and weed thus making this the ultimate pot session music you should listen to with friends.

Snoop Dogg has made marijuana his trademark and he made every opportunity to endorse weed use from his concerts, television appearances, and other live engagements. Snoop even revealed that he would regularly use 80 joints per day! Gin and Juice are just one Snoop Dogg’s many songs about cannabis and enjoying weed use.


Neil Young recorded Roll Another Number after the deaths of Danny Whitten and Bruce Berry in 1975. This song was about a man in a band caught in the grips of alcohol and chemical dependency and depression.

But Young revealed that he was not a pothead and in fact, if he were to get high, he would drink a lot of tequila and just enjoy life at the edge. But if Young was deep into alcohol, the tracks in Roll Another Number says otherwise. In the song, Young sang that he had problems starting his car and said he was like “a million miles away.”

It looks like he was into weed as well when you wrote this song! These are certainly enough reasons you may want to play this song in the next pot session at home.  

  1. KAYA – BOB MARLEY 1978

After the success of Exodus in 1977, Bob Marley just had to follow it up. Exodus was about religion, faith, and politics, therefore, it was certainly proper to follow with Kaya. Bob Marley said that Kaya is slang for herb in Jamaica. The song Kaya was about someone who wakes and bakes; something that stones will surely be able to relate.

Bob Marley believed that marijuana use is more of a spiritual journey. It was something that will bring you closer to God. Kaya’s tracks are both literal as well as metaphorical as it spoke of “chasing away the rain.” The uplifting rhythm and the cool beats make Kaya a favorite among stoners as well as Bob Marley followers. This could also become your favorite pot session song too so download it on your phone right away.

  1. DOOO IT! – MILEY CYRUS 2015

Miley Cyrus may be the most vocal celebrity about her weed use. She even called marijuana her first love and it was the “best drug on earth.” The “Hannah Montana” star once declared that she would stop smoking weed to focus on her music. She said that weed caused her to eat a lot and to spend a lot of time at home with her pets. But just a few months ago, she said that she could come back anytime soon because it was really his first love.

The song Dooo It! was a part of her album Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. It’s a song filled with love for weed and about Miley’s love of smoking weed. Even the words dooo it will encourage you to pick up a joint now and smoke it. Dooo It! has become the anthem of most 21st century stoners all over the world.  


Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die is a cannabis-infused song made by none other than Willie Nelson. Willie seems to be instructing the listener on what he has to do with his body after he dies. He tells him to cremate him and to do what he thinks is the best for his soul: to roll his ashes in a joint and smoke him.

What’s interesting about this song is that it features country-music legends Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson. Snoop Dogg also adds his style and injects that the listener should invite his friends for a party as everyone enjoys a good smoke. Roll Me Up is certainly a light-hearted song that puts a new meaning to dying, cremation and toking.


The late Amy Winehouse admitted that she smoked a lot of weed. In an interview with the Rolling Stone in 2007, she revealed that she had an “addictive personality” and that she went from one drug to another. The song “Addicted” warns about a friend who smoked all her weed. Amy tells her friend that it should only be proper to replace what she took and to call the “green man.”

The song has a beat that’s perfect for enjoying an uplifting high that’s not too overboard. It is a song that will get you through good times and bad remembering people who have shared your smoke, one way or another.

When Amy Winehouse was found dead in her home, her blood alcohol levels were five times the legal driving limit. She died of alcohol poisoning.  Perhaps if she just stuck to smoking weed then she wouldn’t have ended this way.


Because I Got High by Afroman is a classic pot session song that describes the life of a man who was not able to get anything done because he was just too high. This song was once the top track of every music player and even had versions of its weird lyrics translated in different languages!

Singer and songwriter Joseph Foreman or Afroman admitted that it only took him two minutes to write this song. The nursery rhyme-style of this song launched him to superstardom and has opened to the world the lifestyle that most potheads have day after day.

In the song, the singer reasoned that he was not able to do a lot of things that day because he was just too high. And because Afroman got too high and wrote this song, he ended up getting a record deal. He even received a Grammy nomination making him a name recognized everywhere. This song took him to fame in 2000 but he released an updated version in 2014 and dedicated this for the new generation of potheads.

So what’s your favorite from this list? Find the one that suits your high? We may all have different takes when it comes to music but all pot users can certainly agree that these tunes are far out. You can download these songs now on Spotify or in other music listening online sites and apps. Download one on your phone and take these songs on the go. You will surely feel high just listening to these great timeless cannabis tunes.

topping marijuana

A Complete Guide to Topping Marijuana

As a marijuana grower, you're always wondering how to make the most out of your seeds. All cannabis cultivators want to acquire a large number of yield come harvest time. While there are some strains that can only provide a satisfactory number of yield, there are still techniques to help increase the harvest.

One procedure is topping, and it's a method involving cutting the very top of your plants. In doing so, it promotes more lateral growth. In this post, we're going to give you the necessary information you need to help you understand topping.

Importance of Topping Marijuana

Traditional growing methods let cannabis plants focus the core of its energy pools on the main stalk known as cola. Most first-time marijuana growers will see one dominant cola with small stalks surrounding the center of the plant. These stalks produce small buds which impact the size and quality of the yield.

If left to their natural growing traits, indoor marijuana plants may require more maintenance than initially intended. Growers need to constantly adjust the lighting fixtures so the light and heat won't be too near the tallest colas. The lower stalks, on the other hand, will be at a longer distance than the norm from the lights. Without proper topping methods, leaving indoor plants with traditional growing methods may lessen the size and quality of the final yield.

Topping can help multiple problems regarding cannabis cultivation. The process entails growers to help their plants redistribute growth hormones during the development or vegetative stage. Hormones from the main stalk will deliver new offshoots and stalks to the other areas of the plant.

Other Ways to Increase Marijuana Yields

Topping is only one of many tried-and-true techniques of increasing marijuana yields. Other training methods include:

  • Fimming - An intense take on topping but requires more expertise in maintaining marijuana plants.
  • Lollipping - A technique to prune the lower branches and leaves. It creates a satisfying shape to help the plant concentrate energy to the upper, flower-bearing area.
  • Monster Cropping - A process to help create multiple flower heads for each plant in the crop. It works best with the Sea of Green (SoG) and Screen of Green grow area setup.
  • Super Cropping - Using this method, growers can boost lateral growth along with bud production by using low-stress methods for each plant.
  • Low-Stress Training (LST) - LST requires topping while stressing the plant. This technique also helps in increasing the amount of light taken by each plant.

How to Top Marijuana Plants

The premise behind topping marijuana strains is to cut off the main stem. It results in the plant splitting in two. With the two growth tips that remain, both stems will now develop new flowers by harvest time. Each stem has the chance of turning into a bud or cola come flowering stage. However, it still requires proper maintenance practices from growers to provide quality and healthy yields.

Marijuana growers may top their plants once or a few times as long as the strain can still handle the stress. In doing so, it increases the number of bud sites. Make sure that you adjust your grow lights (when growing indoors) for all cola's to receive the same amount of light. Also, it helps the plant grow with a flat and wide appearance.

It's a suggested move to top marijuana plants when they're still young. To top plants while in their early development stages can cause them to grow multiple colas. Furthermore, the growth patterns take place at roughly the same time. In doing so, it lets growers enjoy more yield within the same space under a grow light setup. However, don't top too early and you risk harming or even killing the strain.

You can top your plants by either using your fingers or a pair of pruning scissors. By the end of the day, it falls to a matter of personal preference. Pruning scissors may make cleaner cuts but it may not be an ideal choice for topping young plants. Conversely, you can top marijuana strains as early as 1 week into their vegetative growth with your fingers. Still, novice growers may have some difficulty in using their hands to top plants.

Remember, cannabis plants are bendy and flexible during their development stage. The longer they stay in their vegetative stage, the thicker their stems and shoots. You may want to wait for 6 weeks into their vegetative phase for your plants to mature enough so you can use pruning scissors. Pinching the stems of plants is most effective for young cannabis strains.

Topping marijuana is a stressful endeavor for your plants. The strains require a 1 to 2-week recovery period at the least before you can proceed to the final stages of the harvest. Always allow a sufficient amount of time for your plants to heal, especially if you want to prune them further. One rule of thumb to follow if you want a speedy recovery is to feed your plants with additional nutrients. Vitamin B and silica are ideal during the healing stages and make sure to feed these nutrients immediately after cutting.

The Pros of Topping Marijuana Plants

The number one benefit of topping marijuana strains is the significant amount of yields by harvest time. Veteran growers already know of the immense potential of topping regarding the number of yields. You can also combine topping with other training methods like the Screen of Green and Lollipopping techniques.

Another incentive is it helps facilitate an even canopy. Topped plants will fill the lateral grow area. Natural growth for marijuana plants may race up vertically. Topping plants won't fully curb the vertical growth but spread the plant in a wider area.

The Cons of Topping Marijuana Plans

Topping marijuana plants isn't the perfect cultivation technique to produce better yields. It might be an ideal method for many growers, but it does have some shortcomings. First, the process will always create an open wound. If you don't administer immediate care, then it may put unwanted harm to your plant. Like wounds on human skin, topping can invite fungi and other microbial pests to enter your plant.

While there are some drawbacks to the method, there are ways to prevent side effects from happening. You can speed up the recovery of the wound by giving your plants immediate care like feeding them vitamins.

The Right Time to Top Marijuana Plants

Most cannabis strains are ready to top when they start developing three to four nodes. As a rule of thumb, growers should wait until plants have five to six nodes before topping. When cannabis strains have five or six nodes, they'll recover quicker than plants with three or four nodes. It's because the plant is in a more mature state when they have more nodes. More nodes mean a larger photosynthesis area.

Some growers may prefer to wait until they see some roots appearing at the base of the pot before proceeding to the top. Roots signify that strains are already at an established stage so they'll recover quicker.

The deciding point for early topping depends on the chosen strain. There are rigorous-growing marijuana strains which can handle early topping without developing issues. Conversely, there are some marijuana plants that will only benefit from topping at a specific point.

Researching will be your ultimate weapon to know the right time to top plants. Some strains may not present problems when topped at their early development stages. Still, there are marijuana plants that require you to wait a few more weeks before you should top them.

After topping the main stem, it's still possible to do topping once or twice more depending on the strain. Make sure that there's an ample recovery time to do the next topping procedure. Once the plant establishes lateral branches, topping is possible to promote a bushy structure. It's an essential procedure for some training techniques like the Screen of Green method.

When is it Not Possible to Top Marijuana Plants?

As mentioned in a previous segment, topping should be done at certain times during your plants' vegetative phases. Never top your plants during the flowering stage. Once the strain starts to flower, it cannabis strain changes its physical makeup. Also, the nutrient requirements differ during the flowering phase as the plant now focuses its energy pools to bring you yields.

Once you start switching to a 12-hour light and 12-hour darkness period, topping can cause unwanted stress to your marijuana plants. If done in this manner, it may cause you to acquire fewer yields come harvest time. Topping during the flowering stage may force the plant to use its energies to repair itself as opposed to giving you quality yields.

The Difference Between Topping and Fimming

Topping and fimming are similar stress training methods to help increase marijuana yields. However, fimming presents higher stress to your plants as compared to topping. It requires a better understanding of your chosen strains and the whole process of growing marijuana before you should attempt the procedure.

If done successfully, fimming can bring forth more than four new top colas. Despite difficult in using fimming, it's still a recommended procedure for micro-growers. Still, it's best to use it on only one to two plants at a time.

Both stress training practices are ideal only during the vegetative stages of your plants. Fimming is slang for an "F*ck I Missed" approach so it favors a less precise method as compared to topping.

Things to Consider When Topping Marijuana Plants

There are cannabis strains like a Kush that may have eight to ten internodes at best at the time of flowering. Topping these marijuana plants should be kept to a minimum. These plants tend to enjoy large single pineapple-looking colas instead of spreading the buds in the grow area.

Also, many Indica strains like to crowd with other large buds. These marijuana plants may have a chance of rotting or accidentally snapping after topping because some growers might cut off a bud cluster.

Another thing to consider when topping marijuana plants is using the technique on auto-flowering strains. Marijuana plants with ruderalis properties like Amnesia Haze may grow tall when left to its natural growing habits. Most Sativa strains can handle a top or two during the early development stage without causing difficulties in growers if any.

Always consider the health and vigor of your chosen strains before considering topping or any stress training method. After all, the entire point of topping is to help you achieve quality and sizable yields. The plants should still achieve normal growth patterns even after topping. Also, the flowers during the time of harvest should still show a lush green color for most strains.

It's not a good idea to top slow-growing strains. Also, if there are plants with accidental damages, don't continue to add to the pain endured by the strain. Only top recovered or healthy plants. Marijuana strains that have difficulty transpiring may not take the additional stress brought by topping or other similar techniques. As a result, their growths may become stunted which will lead to fewer yields.

Healthy marijuana plants, on the other hand, can quickly recover with the right topping methods. Don't forget to feed your strains the right nutrients immediately after topping. Don't be complacent when using this stress training method on your plants even if they're healthy. Expert and gentle topping are still vital to achieve quality and sizable yields.

Also, using scissors may be a more suitable option for most marijuana growers than pinching the stems of plants with your hands. Properly cleaned pruning scissors enable cleaner cuts as opposed to using your bare hands. Novice growers who don't practice clean pruning may give their strains unwanted infections during topping.

Finally, practice makes perfect. It may take some time to get used to properly topping your marijuana plants. Always consider your options before doing any stress training methods on your cannabis strains. By reaching the end of this post, you should now have a clearer idea on how to properly top your marijuana plants. We hope our guide helped you in achieving a better understanding of the procedure to lessen the possibilities of mistakes.

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