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energy-saving marijuana growing

Expert Tips For Energy-Saving Marijuana Growing

You’ve heard of the many names of marijuana. And the names seem to be endless. That only means that the production of marijuana increases as the consumer demands a more customized strain. With increased competition, prices also went down. In one of the states in the USA, a pound of hash was sold for $750 in 2017 and went down to $500 by the end of 2018. To stay afloat, producers now have to tighten bolts, particularly regarding their energy...

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genetic feminized marijuana seeds

Genetic Feminized Marijuana Seeds Are Genetically Engineered: Fact or Fiction?

Nearly anyone who wanted to grow crops or homes livestock for a living practices the ancient art of selective breeding. Those who aren't willingly put themselves at a significant disadvantage and break with an established standard, or to use the more up-to-date method in cultivation. Cautiously breeding plants or livestock to reduce or eliminate such characteristics and magnify others; in the development of a better plant, a very tasty fruit with high yields and good pest and blight resistance is...

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cannabinoid biosynthesis

Cannabinoid Biosynthesis: Reshaping Traditional Extraction Techniques

The marijuana or cannabis industry is, however, faced with lots of road-blocks. If it's not issues concerning its legalization, it will be its cost of commercial production, the cannabis market is becoming a challenging sector with its numerous issues, but don’t lose hope as this will soon be a thing of the past. A leading producer of medicinal cannabis, Organigram inc., however, made a whopping $10 million investment in Hyacinth biologicals, bolstering its access to the biotechnology production of bio-identical...

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low-stress training for your cannabis

Low-Stress Training For Your Cannabis Guide

Life is, indeed, unfair. You may think that the discount item you bought for $10 at the store was cheap, and just a few meters away, a thrift store sells the same item for only $3. I mean, how sad is that? Extremely soul crashing. The same goes for our beloved cannabis plants. One stem will get all the sunlight while others are left lonely in the dark. Luckily, in the gardener’s world, Low-Stress Training exists. What is it...

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pH cannabis growing

Why PH Monitoring Is Essential to Guarantee Weed Growing Success

The letters “EC” represent Electric Conductivity. The EC stands for the amount of salt substance – or the measure of supplements in the soil or the water – you're giving your plants. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The pH estimation of unadulterated water is 7. We call this neutral. At the point when the pH of a substance is lower than 7, it's acidic; any worth higher than 7 is called basic or fundamental. Lemon juice is...

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hydroponic cannabis growing

Making Use of Nutrient Film Technique in Hydroponic Cannabis Growing

While every single hydroponic cannabis growing framework offers better approaches to develop plants, cultivating progenitors couldn't have even envisioned, however, Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics frameworks are the main ones that rely upon flowing of supplements to sustain plants, with the root dangling down into the water as though plunging their toes in.  In NFT, the plant roots are suspended over a surge of constantly flowing supplement solution that furnishes them with all the water, supplements, and oxygen they need to...

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perlite as growing medium

Enhance Cannabis Growth with Perlite as Growing Medium

Are you new to cannabis cultivation? Did you ever ask yourself, what those Styrofoam-like pebbles peeking out of your friend’s marijuana garden are? Are you timid enough to ask him or her? Let me help you with your trouble and introduce you to one of gardening’s essential ingredient, “Perlite.” It is an airy, non-toxic, and easily handled medium that can enhance the growth of any marijuana plant. In the next paragraphs, you will be stumbling upon the vital information...

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cannabis cup

Cannabis Cup: Everything You Need to Know About Stoners’ New Favorite Show

With more countries authorizing cannabis and the marijuana practice developing on a universal degree, the marijuana experiences are growing in prevalence. From fresh assemblies to all-out events such as the Cannabis Cup, there is a running record of attractions to pick from for 420 and skyward. In the career of marijuana gatherings and celebrations, there is nothing extra popular and powerful than High Times ‘own Cannabis Cup celebration series. This broad-scoping glorification of all matters marijuana has erupted in modern...

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cannabis business

Will the Expected Cannabis Business Gains Live Up True to Experts’ Claims?

While the rest of the world was watching as Canada stepped into the limelight by becoming the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis, the business landscape got loaded with anticipation related with the promising gains expected to come along with the rise of the Canadian pot industry. Almost a year after legalization, one of the hottest questions remains as relevant as it used to be prior to Canada joining the #freetheweed movement: Will the expected business gains live up...

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selling cannabis seeds

Your Grocery Store Products and Cannabis Seeds Will Get along like Coffee and Milk: Here are the Top 3 Reasons Why

With Canada becoming the second country in the world to have officially legalized recreational cannabis, a GIGANTIC new consumer market has opened up, ready to let the visionary business owners bathe in sufficient profit from tapping into the still shaping, yet rapidly evolving marijuana sales segments by selling cannabis seeds. For grocery store businesses in Canada, the never-seen-before opportunity to legally sell cannabis seeds alongside a wide range of other products that customers are already well-familiar with has brought waves...

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