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The cannabis revolution is fully upon us and growers everywhere are looking for the best seeds for their gardens. Marijuana seeds can be acquired in three different varieties: Autoflowering, Regular, and Feminized Seeds.

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds help growers cut out the guesswork when it comes to the sex of their plants. They also provide larger yields than autoflowering and regular seeds because they are unable to produce seeds in their buds. Our extensive collection of feminized weed seeds is curated for our growers to enjoy the best strains around the globe.

These seeds are best for growers who do not want to deal with the hassle of harvesting seeds but still want to enjoy a good frosty bud.

Autoflowering Seeds

Make life easier with autoflowering cannabis seeds. Autoflowering seeds are ideal for beginners or growers looking for a quick growing cycle. Without any need for light cycle management, cultivators can find great results from seed to bud in under 10 weeks.

Although these strains tend to be smaller in yield, they still come packed with THC and frosty buds. These are perfect for beginners who want to grow without the wait.

Top Regular Seeds

Jack Herer Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 18-23%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
Bubba God Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 16-25%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
Shiatsu Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 18-24%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
Texeda Time Warp Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 5-21%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
BC Hash Plant Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 20-24%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
Purple Kush Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 20-25%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
Hot New
Durban Poison Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 18-26%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
Blue Diesel Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 17-23%

$40.00$140.00 Buy Now
CBD God Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 4-16% THC & CBD

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
Thin Mint Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

THC 17-23%

$65.00$240.00 Buy Now

Regular Seeds

Regular weed seeds are great for harvesters looking to kickstart their garden. Regular seeds have a 50/50 chance of being either male or female. And are perfect for experienced growers who want to expand their personal grow with the same strain.

Top CBD Seeds

CBD God Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC 4-16% THC & CBD

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
CBD Elixir Regular Marijuana Seeds

THC <5% THC | 5-10% CBD

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
CBD Indica Fast Version Marijuana Seeds

THC 5-10% THC | 10-14% CBD

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
Auto CBDV Indica Marijuana Seeds

THC 4% CBD | <1% THC

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
Auto CBDV Afghani Marijuana Seeds

THC 4% CBD | <1% THC

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
CBD Gorilla Fast Flower Marijuana Seeds

THC 7% THC | 10-14% CBD

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
Auto CBD Jack Herer Marijuana Seeds

THC <5% 1:1 CBD:THC

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now
CBD Kali Kush Marijuana Seeds

THC 5-7% 1:1 CBD:THC

$35.00$135.00 Buy Now

CBD Seeds

Our very high CBD weed seeds are an excellent prospect. The high CBD cannabis seeds can grow into cannabis with low THC- and high CBD-containing buds.

Rocket Seeds provides the highest line-up of CBD strains of strains that are ideal for aches, discomfort, and inflammation, as well as mood-boosting strains. If you’re searching for a specific strain required for a particular form of medical problem, then trust that we’ve got what you need. We guarantee shipping to every location. At your doorstep, you will get your fresh and potent CBD seeds at the fastest time.

Fast Version Seeds

Rocket Seeds’ quick cannabis seeds are very fast flowering period, meaning they bloom 1 to 2 weeks quicker than the normal versions.

Quick genetics from the mix of their classic strains with their strongest autoflowering varieties have been produced by Rocket Seeds. For restless growers anxious to receive their precious harvests, as well as for growers in northern regions with harsh environments, the Fast-flowering strain is perfect for developing our iconic Rocket genes while maintaining all of their top qualities.



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We understand growing plants may appear challenging for first-time growers. You have to consider various aspects. Here are some of the most common questions you may have.

  • Seeds are produced when pollen from a male plant fertilizes the buds of a female plant. From there a cannabis plant can be grown from a seed and is capable of yielding more smokable buds than a cloned offspring. Prior to purchase though, we highly recommend shopping through our site & familiarizing yourself with the different seed types we offer. Feel free to also call our 24-hour hotline and one of our Seed Specialists can help you find the best seeds for you!

Seeds are produced when pollen fertilizes a female plant. An embryonic plant hosted by a protective outer shell, these seeds are deemed ready to plant and cultivate once they have been successfully germinated, showing a root breaking through. Marijuana seeds are available in a variety of forms including feminized, regular, and autoflowering.

Cultivating weed can begin with seeds or clones. Clones are cuttings made from live pot plants, often called the mother plant. Marijuana clones will share identical genetics with the mother plant, offering a genetically similar final product at the end of each growth. Clones are ideal because they speed up the process, bypassing germination. Clones also provide consistent final products, making them a popular choice for large-scale cultivators.

There are a few other key benefits that clones offer:

  • Genetic Consistency: Clones make it easy to offer consistent final results thanks to identical genetics.
  • Faster Growth: Many cultivators opt for weed clones to cut down on their growing time. Rather than nurture a seed through the germination process and into its vegetative state, a clone bypasses everything.

Growing from seeds is a traditional  approach when cultivating pot. Seeds are accessible with convenient online delivery options throughout the country. There are a few benefits to purchasing and cultivating from seed, a plant grown from seed is capable of yielding more than a cloned offspring.Seeds produce a taproot once germinated whereas plants grown from clones are unable to do so.

  • Fresh Genetics: Growing from seed can offer a fresh start making growing easier.exposure to poor grow environments
  • Multiple Options: From regular to autoflowering seeds, cultivation can fit the needs and skillet of the grower in question.

Acquiring quality seeds has never been easier. The internet has opened the world to a new realm of cultivation, giving shoppers many opportunities to find the best genetics for their dream garden. Whether you’re beginning a garden for the first time or looking for information and tips on genetics and growing. You deserve only the best.

The crew at Rocket Seeds separates itself from the competition by supporting breeders with quality genetics at affordable prices, our Seed Specialists are here to help you 24/7 with live chat, email and phone and support.

Support You Can Count On: From novice growers to experts, cultivators need to be able to rely on their seed bank for accurate information and quality support. The best place to acquire seeds is from a seed bank that is willing to stand behind their product, answer questions, and work further to provide the information you are looking for.

International Availability: While accepting international shipments containing marijuana seeds can be difficult in some countries, international availability is one mark of a quality seed bank. Travel experiences can vary for purchased seeds as temperature fluctuations and improper handling can cause damage.

Germination Guarantee: Professional seed banks will stand behind their products with guarantee. A germination guarantee shows that the seed bank understands the quality of its product and understands the value of its customer. We want to make sure that you are successful and continue your new hobby or lifestyle.

Quality Genetics: Working with world renown breeders and cultivators, professional seed banks ensure top of the line genetics with each and every seed.High quality seeds should be free from seed borne disease or other impurities.they should also be free from mechanical injury that might reduce germination and seedling vigor. If you have read or heard about “unstable genetics” on forums or in YouTube videos, growers  quickly come to understand the benefits and importance of quality genetics. Unstable genetics often refers to a marijuana strain with poor lineage, unknown origins, or otherwise bad genetic quality due to rushing production or sacrificing quality control.

When purchasing cannabis seeds, it is important to buy from a reputable seed bank in the United States. Rocket Seeds first order was March 13th, 2019 with headquarters in Los Angeles, California.  While working with Crop King Seeds in the USA, we were eager to expand and advocate for home growers around the USA and Internationally. With the guidance and help, we’ve created the largest North American Seedbank. Rocket Seeds strives to accommodate growers with affordable prices and the best genetics.

Rocket Seeds wants you to have LIVE Seed Specialists help you 24/7, we know life can get busy and you need help when it’s convienent for you! Ask us about germinating seeds or finding the right strains for you! Our specialists are trained to help.

How to choose the right seed bank?

  • Massive Seed Selection: Marijuana seeds are as unique and varied as the tastes of their cultivators. Rocket Seeds hosts a massive inventory of seeds in regular, feminized, autoflowering and CBD options. Grow Indoor, outdoors or in a greenhouse with seeds from RKS .Shoppers will find access to CBD-dominant strains, Indica, hybrid, and Sativa strains of varying terpenes and THC levels.
  • Discreet and Unique Packaging: Understanding the needs of the customer makes Rocket Seeds one of the top seed banks. Rocket Seeds unique strain specific packaging is packaged discreetly for customers.
  • Quick Arrival for Fast Cultivation: Rocket Seeds specializes in quick discreet efficient shipping methods both domestically and internationally with tracking. Whether you are looking for fast flowering feminized, Bigs Buds or Purple Punch seeds have fun while shopping for weed seeds.

Germination Guarantee: Rocket Seeds wants you to be a successful grower, it’s why we offer a germination guarantee on all of our seeds! We just ask that you follow our Rocket Seeds Germination Guide. Don’t stress out when choosing a professional seed bank, relax and choose quality genetics.

The germination of marijuana refers to the process of making your seeds sprout, releasing tiny white tendrils after roughly 24 hours. Successfully cultivating from seed can be a great way to develop a crop with fresh genetics and potentially large yield. Rocket Seeds offers a germination guarantee of 80%, ensuring that each grower finds success.

Equipment You Will Need

To properly germinate your seeds from Rocket Seeds, collect the following items before starting. These tools are to properly prevent cross-contamination while maximizing your potential success with germination. Check out our germination instructions.

With your tools collected, you can now start germinating your seeds!

Prepare Your Seeds

Place your marijuana seeds in the glass cup that you collected above. Fill the cup with spring water at room temperature. Now allow your seeds to soak for between 14 and 18 hours, using your fingers to make sure that the seeds sink. It is okay if the seeds begin to crack at this point.

Put Your Seeds in the Towel

After 14 to 18 hours, pour the seeds and the water onto your absorbent paper towel on a ceramic. Fold the towel atop the seeds before draining the excess water. Seeds need air, moisture, and warmth to germinate, placed in a dark and open room. *Avoid the mistake of putting your seeds in a ziplock bag*. Over the next several days, sometimes as quickly as 24 hours, you will notice a white taproot beginning to develop. Allow the taproot to grow before transplanting in the soil.

Time to Transplant Your Cannabis Seeds

After your taproot has developed to at least half of an inch, it is time to transplant your germinated seeds. Use plain soil for potting as well as for the first three weeks of your crop. Closely monitor your crop at this point to ensure the continued development of your plant. *Remember the taproot is a baby seedling, you want them to be strong and healthy, nutrients can shock them early.*

Reasons for Failure

  • Seeds were not soaked long enough.
  • Paper towels were too wet or too dry.
  • Water impurities can lead to germination failure.

Cultivating marijuana can be done both indoors and outdoors. Each growing style has its pros and cons and what works for one individual might not work for the next.

To better understand your cultivation options, we need to look closer at the two processes.

Indoor Growing Outdoor Growing
  • Environmental Control: Every stage of the growth process can be accounted for by the head grower.
  • Maximize Growth: Supplement your plants with CO2 in an indoor garden to boost your results.
  • Potency Options: A variety of iconic strains are notoriously effective when grown indoors. Northern Lights, Chocolope, and Amnesia Haze are all potent strains that provide massive yields when cultivated indoors.
  • Reduced Pest Exposure: Depending on where you live and what you grow, outdoor pests can become particularly problematic. Pests are one of the leading causes of crop failure and an indoor garden can go a long way toward preventing that recurring issue. With that being said, indoor gardens may still face pests including spider mites, so a wary eye is still required.
  • Embrace the Elements: Growing outdoors can be a great decision if you live in an area with a marijuana-friendly climate. Outdoor growth in a temperate climate with plenty of sun can lead to large yields with minimal effort put in place by the grower.
  • Maximum Yield Potential: Take advantage of the great outdoors to maximize the yield potential of your newest crop. The plant reaches its full potential outdoors with a full and more complete terpene profile, requiring less energy and fewer nutrients along the way. Notable strains that enjoy outdoor cultivation include Durban Poison, Super Silver Haze, and White Widow.
  • Sustainable & Eco-Friendly: Finally, cultivating marijuana plants outdoors can be a great way to help the environment while creating a sustainable hobby. Growing outdoors helps to reduce energy expenses while offsetting many of the more wasteful aspects of indoor cultivation.
  • Rising Costs: Growing marijuana indoors requires extensive energy use as well as a large physical footprint. You will need to invest in lighting and nutrition for your plants.
  • Potential Odor: In rental situations, the odor can create a problem with other tenants or landlords.
  • Conflicting Yields: Some strains do not have near the same level of yield when cultivated indoors versus outdoors. This is often due to a limitation in space, a lack of lighting, and a poorly managed growing environment.
  • Lack of Privacy: Unfortunately, cultivating marijuana outdoors comes with an intrinsic lack of privacy. Due to the popularity of the plant, outdoor gardens are often targeted by animals and human invaders alike. Consider a privacy fence when cultivating outdoors.
  • Shortened Seasons: Growing outdoors leaves you beholden to the elements and the turning of the clock. States with shorter growing seasons will leave growers hard-pressed to get their crops finished on time.
  • Climate Impacts: Unfortunately, the elements aren’t always good for our plants. Places with sudden temperature swings or harsh weather can reduce a great crop to mulch in no time.

Leaping into the world of cultivation requires an understanding of the different seeds currently available on the market. While we briefly touched on the differences between regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds, we will now round out our understanding.

Regular Feminized Autoflower
  • Fresh Genetics: Popping beans allows for fresh and stable genetics with no grow impurity.
  • Strong Clones: Traditional seeds are ideal for cultivating strong mother plants for healthy and capable clones. Cloning helps growers to take a shortcut during the germination process. A stronger mother plant will allow growers to keep a pipeline of clones functioning.
  • Enhanced Cannabinoids: Feminized seeds produce high levels of cannabinoids, which is ideal for strains that are bred to maximize both aroma and potency. Female seeds are a great way to make sure that your cultivation leads to an enhanced and potent product. Higher levels of THC as well as a rich terpene profile can lead to a more relaxing, enjoyable, and comforting cannabis experience.
  • Save Time and Money: When cultivating feminized seeds you can be reassured that you will have a female plant. Generally, most male plants are discarded as they will not provide you with the results that you are looking for.
  • Improved Yield: Feminized seeds lead to better potential yields with fewer potential wasted plants compared to clones.
  • Resilient Plants: Feminized Autoflower seeds are more resistant to temperature fluctuations, allowing them to be grown year-round indoors or outside.
  • Reliable and Efficient: Thanks to its ruderalis genetics, autoflowering seeds are destined to be harvested on time, in a shorter period of time.
  • Makes for Easy Cultivation: Autoflowering seeds will automatically begin to flower, and growers don’t have to fuss with light cycles. Shoppers can opt for AutoFlower Mixed Weed Seeds to enjoy strains from home.


  • Limited Availability: Regular seeds have been considered the traditional method for cultivators, recently over the years many have started to turn to feminized seeds to accomplish their goals. These seeds maintain a foothold within the marijuana seed market.
  • Sexual Instability: With a 50/50 chance of emerging as a male or a female, it can be hard for growers on a budget to trust regular seeds.
  • Less Accepted: Private growers continue to prioritize feminized seeds for their gardens. Regular seeds are, however, more accepted in places where importing/exporting seeds has been outlawed.
  • Price & Availability: As one of the most popular ways to cultivate weed, seeds can be acquired for relatively affordable prices, Rocket Seeds make it more affordable than ever to explore the world of fem seeds.
  • Genetic Expression: For growing, genetics will greatly contribute to determining a plant’s size, color, vigor, resistance to pests and mold, smell, taste, yield, and overall cannabinoid and terpene production.
  • Smaller Yields: Autoflowering strains are usually ready for harvest within eight weeks, though they do present smaller yields than their photoperiod counterparts.
  • Pricing: Autoflowering seeds have become increasingly popular over the years, their price can vary depending on the seed bank and strain desired. Rocket Seeds works to provide the most affordable genetics on the market – no matter what you are looking for or the strain!


If you’re just starting out in the world of marijuana cultivation, these five strains are a great place to start! With a variety of different flavors and effects, there’s something for everyone in this list.

Northern Lights Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights is known for its pronounced relaxing effects, pungent aroma, and dense crystal-coated buds. With average THC levels residing between 18% and 27%, growers will find themselves a plant that is popular among medical patients and recreational consumers alike.

Already considered one of the most famous indica strains of all time, this strain is ideal for beginners because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Already a fast-growing strain, feminized, and autoflowering seeds can turn the cycle on its head, leaving growers with a huge yield as quickly as eight to ten weeks. Along the way, growers will come to realize the true pungency of the legendary indica as the odor begins to fill the grow room. Northern Lights flourishes under the Sea of Green method, notoriously simple for newcomers to the world of marijuana cultivation.

Northern Lights has a convoluted history with a complex lineage that is largely shrouded in mystery. What most growers do know is that Northern Lights #1 can be traced back to two landrace strains: Thai and Afghani. These genetic building blocks provide consumers with an intense body high and effective pain reduction for chronic aches and injuries. Users describe Northern Lights as highly sedative and effective for the reduction of stress and anxiety. It should also be noted that consumption of Northern Lights can lead to appetite stimulation, making it a favorite for individuals undergoing chemotherapy.

Northern Lights can flower in up to eight weeks with average yields revolving around roughly 124 grams per square meter. For quality over quantity, look no further.

GG #4 Marijuana Seeds

GG #4 is a great plant for beginners because it thrives in all elements while providing resistance to pests. A multi-time winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup, it should be no surprise that GG#4 seeds are incredibly popular online. With an average THC level hovering between 25% and 32%, Gorilla Glue #4 is not a strain meant for the novice or faint of heart. A revered hybrid strain thanks to its sky-high THC content, heavy body buzz, and couch-locking properties.

Gorilla Glue #4 was originally developed as a three-way cross between Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubble. Securing victories in marijuana Cup competitions throughout L.A. and Michigan, Gorilla Glue would eventually secure victories at the Jamaican World Cup. Consumers describe GG#4 as imparting a cerebral mental effect with uplifting properties that eventually lead to severe couch lock. Along the way, users will experience a sense of inner contentment that lets a smile slowly crawl across their faces.

Considered something of a balanced hybrid, Gorilla Glue imparts both a skunky and pungent aroma that leaves you feeling like you are trapped inside a marijuana farm. Pine and earthy notes take over as scents of coffee hit the back of your nostrils. When properly cultivated, the sour taste of Sour Dubble will show through with just hints of gasoline from the Chocolate Diesel.

Gorilla Glue #4 will thrive both indoors and outdoors as long as it receives the appropriate levels of sulfur, calcium, and magnesium along with its traditional feeding routine. GG#4 grown outdoors can be ready for harvest by the middle of October, yielding more than 21 ounces of bud per plant.

Dutch Treat Cannabis Strains

Sometimes referred to as Dutch Crunch, Dutch Treat is known for its sedating effects and average THC levels between 10% and 15%. Popular throughout Amsterdam, Dutch Treat made its way to the Pacific Northwest, where it quickly became popular in stoner circles. Dutch Treat also supports higher levels of CBD, making it an ideal plant for relaxing, distressing, and combating anxiety.

The Dutch Treat strain is relatively shrouded in mystery, but we understand that it was bred from a cross of Hawaiian Sativa, Santa Maria, Northern Lights, Afghani Gold, and Ruderalis Genetics. When grown to its full potential, the Dutch Treat plant maintains a relatively short and squat body with floral-scented buds and a heavily fruit-flavored body.

Consumption of the Dutch Treat strain can be enjoyed by both medicinal and recreational users alike. As alluded to above, high CBD levels and low THC levels provide a chilled-out experience that is ideal for individuals struggling with stress, depression, and anxiety.

Ideal for beginner growers, Dutch Treat works best when grown under Sea of Green conditions. With an 18/6 light cycle when grown indoors, growers can expect gluey buds with gold trichomes that deliver nearly 350 grams per square meter. Proper nutrition is integral to fielding a flourishing plant and the Dutch Treat strain is particularly reliant on grower support.

When grown outdoors, Dutch Treat can be ready to cultivate by late September with yield production near 230 grams per plant.

Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack is a world-famous skunk strain that was renamed by the legendary marijuana connoisseur himself, Snoop Dogg. Green Crack is known for its energizing high that leaves consumers appreciative of their surroundings and ready to enjoy and embrace their day. Green Crack is considered a higher-potency strain that is relatively easy to cultivate, making it an ideal strain for beginners and experts alike. Users of Green Crack can expect high THC levels with relatively modest CBD content.

Despite its edgy and enduring name, Green Crack has fairly humble, albeit mysterious, origins. Green Crack is said to have come from Athens, Georgia, in the late ’70s. A supposed descendant of Skunk #1, some marijuana historians suggest that the strain has a genetic background that can be traced to Afghani landrace Indica strains. Due to its complex genetic history, the effects provided by Green Crack are relatively varied. Some users suggest slight psychedelic effects, which can include distortion and time dilation.

Even though Green Crack grows with a conventional Indica bud structure, the buds are small and clustered rather than large and chunky. Pale green leaves give way to yellow as rust-colored pistils thrust outward from the resinous bud. When cured properly, Green Crack gives off a bright citrus scent that is underscored by tame scents of wood. A smooth smoke gives way to a spicy aftertaste that is soon forgotten in a rush of energy and euphoria. Ideal for any time of day, Green Crack can help individuals live in the moment.

Gelato Seeds Cannabis Seeds

Gelato was crossbred from a combination of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. Praised for its powerful hybrid high, Gelato seeds can see THC levels rising above and beyond 27%. As a result of its soaring THC levels, Gelato strains are revered by novice smokers and experienced users alike. Gelato strains are ideal for new growers because they offer a balanced, mellow, and universally vibrant high. An ideal strain for social situations, Gelato has seen numerous iterations over the years since it was first introduced to the marijuana world.

Gelato crops are small and sticky with short stalks that give way to heavy, frost-coated buds. Whether grown indoors or outside, growers can expect deep purple hues in their crops as anthocyanin becomes stimulated by the weather. A closer inhalation will reveal notes of citrus and fruit pungency that hint at the delicious dessert strain to come.

Individuals cultivating gelato will enjoy its recreational and medicinal effects. Users report feelings of creativity and relaxation when consuming Gelato, which makes it an ideal strain for those feeling like they are in a slump. Gelato is also used to trigger appetites in individuals struggling to find the desire to eat. Gelato is prized by medical patients claiming its ability to treat and address chronic pains and aches, due in large part to its powerful sedative and numbing effects.

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